0122004495 Electrolux 2200W Conventional-Wilson Element CO-03

oven element suit Simpson, Chef, Westinghouse and Electrolux. 2200W. Measures 420 X 395mm

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Wilson Elements is an Australian owned company that strives for quality at an affordable price. Some cheaper Chinese elements do not go through stringent quality controls, Wilson Elements come with a 12 month warranty and are recommended by Electrolux.

65-647, POH773S*00, POH773W*00, POH774S*00, POH774W*00, 75C804S*00, 75C804W*00, 75C805S*00, 75C805W*00, 63G904S, 63G904W, POL660S, POL660W, 63C904S*00, 63C904W*00, POH660S*00, POH660W*00, 63C807S*00, 63C807W*00, POH678S*00, POH678W*00, POH678K*00, POH675K*00, POH675S*00, POH675W*00, 63G807S, 63G807W, EOS611S, EOS611W, POL660S*02, POL660W*02, POL660S*27, EOC611S, EOC611W, EUC5110W*18, EUC5110W*19, EUC5110W*20, EUC5130W*18, EUC5110W*18, EUC5110W*19, EUC5110W*20, EUC5130W*18, EUC5110W*18, EUC5110W*19, EUC5110W*20, EUC5130W*18, PAJ144W*13, PAJ144W*19, PAJ140W*00, PAJ143W*00, PAJ161B*00, EUC5110W*04, EUC5130W*04, EUC5110W*04, EUC5130W*04, EUC5110W*04, EUC5130W*04, EUC5140W, 62F851W*27, PAJ140W*13, PAJ143W*13, PAJ161B*13, PAJ501R*13, PAJ145WN*00, EUC5110W, EUC5130W, PAJ140W*18, PAJ140W*19, PAJ143W*18, PAJ143W*19, PAJ144W827, PAJ501RS*27, PAJ145WN*18, PAJ145WN*19, PAJ501*00, PAJ501RS*00, PAJ140W827, PAJ143W*27, PAJ161B*27, PAJ145WN*13, PAJ144W*00, EBC5010W*04, EBC5010W*18, EBC5010W*19, EBC5010W*20, 61F817W, 61F890R, 61F919W, 61F920W, 61F920WP, EBC5010W, EBC5030W, EBC5040W, 61D817W*15, 61D817W*18, 61D817W*19, 61D890R*15, 61D817W*00, 61D890R*00, 61D919W*00, 61D920W*00, P, PAJ501R*27, 61D810W*00, 61D811W*00, 61D810W*18, 61D810W*19, 61D811W*19, 61D813W*04, 61D919W*15, 61D919W*18, 61D919W*19, 61D920W*15, 61D890R*18, 61D890R*19, PAJ161B*18, PAJ161B*19, EUC5130W*20, EUC5130W*20, EUC5130W*20, EUC5130W*19, EUC5130W*19, EUC5130W*19, EEC1230W-L*29, EEC1230W-R*29, EEC1230W-L*20, EEC1230W-R*20, EEC1230W-L*27, EEC1230W-R*27, EEC1230W-L*27, EEC1230W-R*27, EEC1230W-L, EEC1230W-R, EEC1230W-L*18, EEC1230W-R*18, EBC5030W*04, EBC5030W*18, EBC5030W*19, EBC5040W*04, EBC5030W*20, EBC5040W*20, 61F810W*01, 61F811W*01, 61F813W*01, 61F810W, 61F811W, 61F813W, 62F841WN*27, 62F841WN, 61D920W*19, 61D813W*19, EBC5040W*19, EXC611S, EXC611W, EUC5110W*18, EUC5110W*19, EUC5110W*20, EUC5130W*18, EUC5110W*04, EUC5130W*04, EUC5130W*20, EUC5130W*19, EPSZ611S, EPSZ611W,

May be known by other part numbers including: 1556856, 1548874, 1556662, 1776382, 1557546, 1616956, 1565773

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