0122004537 oven element cleanheat simpson westinghouse chef 1800

0122004537 oven element cleanheat simpson westinghouse chef 1800w

Suits the following models (we suggest you type your model into the search box on the top right hand side of the screen rather than searching through this list)

EDEE63AS*39, EDEE63AS*41, PDN794S*40, PDN794W*40, EXC614S*42, EXC614W*42, PDP790S*02, PDP790W*02, EOC644S*04, EOC644W*04, EOC644W*32, PDN790S*40, PDN790W*40, PDN794S*04, PDN794W*04, PDN794W*32, PXN698S, PXN698W, PXN698W*32, PGP657S*02, PGP657W*02, EUEE63AS*46, PDP790S, PDP790W, EOB303X, PPN778S*46, PPN778W*46, EOC614S*04, EOC614W*04, EOC614W*32, EOEE62AS*42, EOEE63AS*42, EPEE63AS*41, PXN698S*40, PXN698W*40, EOEM61AS, EOEE62AS*39, EOEE63AS*39, PONS667S*40, PONS667W*40, 63H914S*04, 63H914W*04, 63H914W*32, EUEE63AS*41, EXC614S*38, EXC614W*38, EUEE63AS*42, PAK140W, PDN790S, PDN790W, PDP794S, PDP794W, EUEE63AS*40, EXC614S*43, EXC614S*46, EXC614W*46, EXC614W*47, EDEE63AS*42, PDN794S, PDN794W, PGP657S, PGP657W, EUEE63AS*38, PDN790S*38, PDN790W*38, POPS668S*02, POPS668W*02, PDP794S*02, PDP794W*02, PXN698S*04, PXN698W*04, EDEE63AS, EXC614S, EXC614W, EXC614W*32, EUEE63AS, PDP790S*04, PDP790W*04, PGP659S*02, PGP659W*02, EGC624S, EGC624W, EGC624W*32, EOC614S*43, EOC614S*46, EOC614S*49, EOC614W*46, EOC614W*49, EBC5241*43, EBC5201W*43, EBC5211W*43, EBC5231W*43, 4U603W*01, 4U604W*01, 4U605W*01, 4U606W*01, 4U608W*01, PPN778S*37, PPN778W*37, PAK140W*32, EOEM61AS*40, 63G904S*26, 63G904W*26, EOC644S*42, EOC644W*42, EOC614S*42, EOC614W*42, PPN778S*04, PPN778W*04, PPN778W*32, DSP635S, DSP635W, PGP659S, PGP659W, EDEE63AS*40, 4U608W*39, 4U608W*40, PAK143W*32, PAK144W*32, PAK161B*32, PAK501R*32, PAK501RS*32, 62H622W*32, 62H636W*32, 4U600W*01, 4U601W*01, 4U602W*01, 4U609W*01, PSN632S*40, PSN632W*40, EBC5201W, EBC5211W, EBC5231W, 4U603W*32, 4U604W*32, 4U605W*32, 4U606W*32, 4U613W*46, PSP632S, PSP632W, EBC5241W832, EBC5261*43, EBC5271*43, EOEM61AS*42, POP668S*02, POP668W*02, PGN659S, PGN659W, PGN659W*32, PPN778S*45, PPN778W*45, PON667S*04, PON667W*04, PON668S*04, PON668W*04, EOEE62AS*41, EOEE63AS*41, EUEE63AS*47, PON783S*40, EDEE63AS*47, PGN659S*40, PGN659W*40, EOEE62AS*40, EOEE63AS*40, EGC634S*44, EGC634W*44, EOC644S, EOC644W, EPEE63AS*42, EOEE62AS, EOEE63AS, POP783S*02, POP883S, 63H914S*42, 63H914W*42, EOEM61AS*47, POP667S*02, POP667W*02, 63H914S, 63H814W, EGC624S*44, EGC624W*44, PON667S, PON667W, PON668S, PON668W, EOB305X, EOB307X, EOEE62AS*47, EOEE63AS*47, PPN778S*47, PPN778W*47, PAK130W*41, PAK144W*05, PAK501RS*05, 4U600W*46, 4U601W*46, 4U609W*46, 4U608W*04, PAK143W*52, PAK144W*52, PAK161B*52, PAK501R*52, PAK501RS*52, 4U600W*39, 4U601W*39, 4U602W*39, 4U609W*39, 62H636W*37, 4U613W, EBC5211W*36, EBC5231W*36, 62H682W, PAK140W*52, PON667W*32, PON668W*32, EBC5201W832, EBC5211W832, EBC5231W832, 4U603W*04, 4U604W*04, 4U605W*04, 4U606W*04, 4U608W*32, 62H682W*32, EBC5451W*05, EBC5261W, EBC5271W, 4U612W*46, 4U612W, EBC5261W*53, EBC5271W*53, EBC5241W*53, 4U603W*39, 4U603W*40, 4U604W*39, 4U604W*40, 4U605W*39, 4U605W*40, 4U606W*39, 4U606W*40, 62H622W, 62H636W, EBC5261W*34, EBC5261W*35, EBC5271W*35, EUEE63AS*39, PXP698S*02, PXP698W*02, EBC5271W*36, EBC5241W, PSN632S, PSN632W, PSN632W*32, 4U608W*37, PAK130W*04, PAK140W*35, PAK143W*35, PAK144W835, PAK161B*35, PAK501R*35, PAK501RS*35, EBC5201W*04, EBC5211W*04, EBC5231W*04, 4U605W*37, 4U606W*37, DSN635S, DSN635W, DSN635W*32, DSN635S*40, DSN635W*40, PPN778S, PPN778W, EBC5211W*05, EBC5231W*05, POPS668S, POPS668W, PON781S*04, POP783S, PGN657S*40, PGN657W*40, EOEM61AS*04, POP667S, POP667W, PON781S, EOC644S*43, PXN698S*38, PXN698W*38, PXP698S, PXP698W, POP668S, POP668W, PON781S*40, PGN657S, PGN657W, PGN657W*32, EGC634S*40, EGC634W*40, EGC634S, EGC634W, EGC634W*32, EOC614S, EOC614W, PON783S, PON667S*40, PON667W*40, PON668S*40, PON668W*40, EPEE63AS, PONS667S, PONS667W, PONS667W*32, PAK140W*53, PAK130W, 4U609W*37, EBC5201W*53, 4U600W*04, 4U601W*04, 4U602W*04, 4U609W*04, 62H622W*39, 62H636W*39, EBC5201W*41, EBC5211W*41, EBC5231W*41, PAK130W*53, EBC5261W*32, EBC5271W*32, 4U600W*32, 4U601W*32, 4U602W*32, 4U609W*32, EBC5241W*34, EBC5241W*35, PAK143W*53, PAK144W*53, PAK161B*53, PAK501R*53, PAK501RS*53, 63H914S*40, 63H914W*40, EGC624S*40, EGC624W*40, PAK141W*52, 62H682W*39, 62H682W*40, PAK141W*53, PAK130W*52, EOC644S*40, EOC644W*40, EBC5211W*53, EBC5231W*53, 4U608W*46, PSN632S*37, PSN632W*37, 4U604W*46, 4U606W*46, PAK143W, PAK144W, PAK161B, PAK161B*02, PAK501R, PAK501R*03, PAK501RS, PAK501RS*03, PAK141W, GSP625SLP*03, GSP625SNG*03, GSP625WLP*03, GSP625WNG*03, GSP627SLP*03, GSP627SNG*03, GSN625SLP*33, GSN625SNG*33, GSN625WLP*33, GSN625WNG*33, GSN627SLP*33, GSN627SNG, GSN625SNG, GSN625SLP, GSN625WNG, GSN625WLP, GSN627SLP, GSN625WNG*32, GSN625WLP*32, GSP625SLP, GSP625SNG, GSP625WLP, GSP625WNG, GSP627SLP, GSP627SNG, CGN475SLP, CGN475SNG, CGN475WNG, CGN475WLP*32, CGN475WNG*32, GGP475SLP, GGP475SNG, GGP475WLP, GGP475WNG, GGP475SLP*02, GGP475SNG*02, GGP475WLP*02, GGP475WNG*02, GGP475SLP*01, GGP475SNG*01, GGP475WLP*01, GGP475WNG*01, PDN790S*04, PDN790W*04.

May be known by other part numbers including: 1557481

  • $46.00

  • Ex Tax: $41.82