0144002129 filter Aluminium Chef Simpson Westinghouse 553 X 316

0144002129 Genuine 18 layer Aluminium mesh rangehood filter to fit Simpson, Westinghouse, Chef, and Electrolux rangehoods. (and some others)& 553mm X 316mm X 8.7mm

Suits the following models (we suggest you type your model into the search box on the top right hand side of the screen rather than searching through this list, or press Ctrl-F and use the search function of your browser)

Westinghouse WRF603, WRF611, WRF616, WRF600UWU*12, WRF600UWU, WRF603U, WRF603U*12, WRF613UK, WRF613UK*12, WRF913UK*12, WRF913UK, WRF601US*12, WRD600UW*01, WRG600, WRG601, WRG602, WRG613, WRD600-01, WRF602, WRF613, WRF600UA, WRF600UB, WRF600UK, WRF601US, WRF600UW, WRF600UW*12, WRF600UB*12, WRF600UK*12, WRF600UA*12, WRF601U, WRF602AW, WRF602KW, WRF602AW*12, WRF602KW*12, WRF603UW, WRF611US, WRF903UW, WRF911US, WRF603UW*12, WRF611US*12, WRF903UW*12, WRF911US*12, WRF613UW, WRF913UW, WRF613UW*12, WRF913UW*12, WRF616UK, WRF916UK, WRF616UW, WRF916UW, WRF616UW*12, WRF616UK*12, WRF916UW*12, WRF916UK*12,WRG600UK*12, WRG600UW*12, WRG601US*12, WRG602AW*12, WRG602KWS*12, WRG600UK, WRG600UW, WRG601US, WRG602AW, WRG602KWS, WRG602, WRG613UW*12, WRG913UW*12, WRG613UW, WRG913UW WRH600UK, WRH600US, WRH600UW, WRH602AW, WRH602KW, Simspon RCE6, RCN6B, RCN6W, RCHR6S*12, RCHR6W*12, RCHR6S*12, RCHR6W*12, RCHR9W*12, RCHR9W*12, RCN6S, RCN6S*12, RCN6S, RCN6S*12, RCN9S, RCN9S*12, RCN9S, RCN9S*12, RCN6W*12, RCN6B*12, RCN6B, RCN6W, RCN6W*12, RCN6B*12, RCN9W, RCN9W*12, RCN9W, RCN9W*12, RCE6B, RCE6B*12, RCE6W, RCE6W*12, RCE6B, RCE6B*12, RCE6W, RCE6W*12, RCE9B, RCE9B*12, RCE9W, RCE9W*12, RCE9B, RCE9B*12, RCE9W, RCE9W*12, RCN6, RDN6, RDN6S*12, RDN6W*12, RDN9S*12, RDN9W*12, RDN6S, RDN6W, RDN9S, RDN9W, RDN6S*12, RDN6W*12, RDN9S*12, RDN9W*12, RDN6S, RDN6W, RDN9S, RDN9W, RGN6S, RGN6W, RGN9S, RGN9W, RGN6S, RGN6W, RGN9S, RGN9W. Chef, RFC600, RFC600K, RFC600S, RFC600K*12, RFC600S*12, RFC600W, RFC600W*12, RFC900K, RFC900S, RFC900W, RFC900K*12, RFC900S*, RFC900S*12, RFC900W*12, RFC602K, RFC602S, RFC602W, RFC902S, RFC902W

May be known by other part numbers including: 1547083, 1588898, 1898972, 1588436, 1590366, 685097

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