374063522 element ceramic. 165mm 1200w

374063522 element ceramic. 165mm 1200w. suit chef, westinghouse, simpson and Electrolux stoves.

This is a genuine element. Replaces EGO 60.25172.000

Suits the following models (we suggest you type your model into the search box on the top right hand side of the screen rather than searching through this list)

PAF521W*00, 75C984S*00, 75C984W*00, 61C931W*00, POH776K*00, POH776S*00, POH776W*00, 63B904B*02, 75B954W*02, 75B974W*02, 75B975W*02, 75B982B*00, 75B982W*00, EBC5481W*40, PPN778S*46, PPN778W*46, PPN776S*46, PPN776W*46, EBC5481*43, 4U605W*01, 4U606W*01, PAK806W*37, PAK808W*37, 4U608W*01, PPN778S*37, PPN778W*37, PPN778S*04, PPN778W*04, PPN778W*32, PAK509RC*32, 4U608W*39, 4U608W*40, EBC5481W*37, 62H636W*32, 4U609W*01, PSN632S*40, PSN632W*40, 4U605W*32, 4U606W*32, PSP632S, PSP632W, EBC5481W832, PPN776S*47, PPN776W*47, PPN778S*45, PPN778W*45, PPN776S*04, PPN776W*04, PPN776W*32, PPN776S*37, PPN776W*37, PPN778S*47, PPN778W*47, PAK806W*46, PAK808W*46, 4U609W*46, EBC5481W*42, PAK509R*52, PAK518W*52, 4U608W*04, 4U609W*39, 62H636W*37, PAK806W, PAK808W, 4U605W*04, 4U606W*04, 4U608W*32, PAK509RC*37, PAK558W*37, 4U605W*39, 4U606W*39, 4U605W*40, 4U606W*40, PAK509RC*35, 62H636W, PEK1380W-L*40, PEK1380W-L*37, PEK1380W-R*37, PEK1370W-L*55, PEK1370W-L, PEK1370W-R, PEK1370W-L*52, PEK1370W-L*43, PEK1370W-R*43, PEK1380W-L*32, PEK1380W-L, PEK1380W-R, PSN632S, PSN632W, PSN632W*32, PAK806W*39, PAK808W*39, EBC5481W*35, PPN776S, PPN776W, PPN778S, PPN778W, PPN776S*45, PPN776W*45, PAK806W*32, PAK808W*32, PAK806W*01, PAK808W*01, 4U609W*04, PAK509RC, PAK509RC*03, 62H636W*39, EBC5481W, PAK507RC, PAK557W, PAK806W*40, PAK808W*40, 4U609W*32, PAK507RC*55, EBC5481W*55, 4U608W*46, PSN632S*37, PSN632W*37, 4U606W*46, PAK509RC*40, PAK558W*40, PAF808W, POF633W*03, POF633K*03, POF633S*03, POF663W*03, PAF808W*02, POF763W, POF763BK, EUC5350W, EUC5390W, EUC5350W*19, EUC5350W*20, EUC5390W*19, EUC5390W*20, EUC5350W*19, EUC5350W*20, EUC5390W*19, EUC5390W*20, EUC5350W*19, EUC5350W*20, EUC5390W*19, EUC5390W*20, EUC5350W*04, EUC5390W*03, EUC5390W*04, EUC5350W*04, EUC5390W*03, EUC5390W*04, EUC5350W*04, EUC5390W*03, EUC5390W*04, PAJ509RC*15, PAJ521W*15, PAJ558W*15, PAJ521W*03, PAJ521W*10, PAJ558W*03, PAJ558W*10, EUC5350W*05, EUC5390W*05, EUC5350W*05, EUC5390W*05, EUC5350W*05, EUC5390W*05, PAJ509RC*19, PAJ521W*19, PAJ558W*19, PAJ509RC*03, PAJ509RC*10, PAJ509RC*00, PAJ509RC*27, PAJ521W827, PAJ588W*27, PAJ521W*00, PAJ558W*00, PAJ509RC*13, PAJ521W*13, PAJ558W*13, POH777K*00, POH777S*00, POH777W*00, 75C986S*00, 75C986W*00, PSJ633S*13, PPL778S, PPL778W, PPL776S, PPL776W, PSJ633S, PAH451W*00, ESE6634S, 61C931W*03, PAH451W*01, POF663K*03, POF763K*03, POF763W*03, POF763BK*02, POF763W*02, 64A994B*00, 64A994W*00, 64A985CB, 64A985CW, 64A996B*00, 64A996W*00, 64A996B*06, 64A996W*06, PHE394K*00, PHE394W*00, 75B982B*02, 75B982W*02, 63B904S*02, 63B904W*02, 63B905VW*02, POH777K*18, POH777S*18, POH777W*18, PHH394U*10, PHH394U*00, 64C994U*10, 64C985U*05, 64C994U*00, 64C994U*15, 61D931W*00, 61D931W*05, 61D931W*15, 61D931W*16, 61D931W*19, PAJ558W*11, PAJ806W*06, PAJ808W*06, 85E726S, 85E726W, 85E726S*01, 85E726S*02, 85E726W*01, 85E726W*02, 66E207S, 66E207W, 66E207S*01, 66E207W*01, 66E202W, 66E204W, 66E204W*01, EEC1380W-L*20, EEC1380W-R*20, EEC1380W-L*06, EEC1380W-R*06, EEC1380W-L*03, EEC1380W-R*03, EEC1380W-L*29, EEC1380W-R829, EEC1380W-L*27, EEC1380W-R*27, EEC1380W-L*27, EEC1380W-R*27, EEC1380W-L, EEC1380W-R, 84E987S*05, 84E987W*05, EHC633S, EHC633W, EHC643S, EHC643W, 64H986S, 64H986W, EHC953S, EHC953W, EHC643S*25, EHC643W*25, EHC633S*25, EHC633W*25, EHC643U*25, EHC943U, EHC643U, PSL632S, PSL632W, 61F931W, PHL564S, PHL564W, PHL285S, PHL285W, PHL564S*25, PHL564W*25, PHL285S*25, PHL285W*25, PHL222U*25, PHL284U*25, PHM394U, PHL222U, PHM222U, PHL284U, PHL394U*00, EHE953S, EHE633S*25, EHE643S*25, 64G986S*25, 64G986W*25, 64G994U, 64G985U*25, 64G985U, PAK558W, PHL285W*32, PHL564W*32, PHL564S*37, PHL564W*37, PEK1380W-R*40, PEK1380W-R*32, PAK558W*32, PAK558W*35, PAK557W*55, PEK1370W-L*54, PEK1370W-R*52, PEK1370W-R*54, PEK1370W-R*55, PAF808W*03, PHFY564B*00, PHFY564W*00, PHFY564K*00, PHE284B, PHE284W, PHE284K, PHF564B*00, PHF564W*00, PHF564K*00, PHF284B*00, PHF284W*00, PHF284K*00, PHE222B, PHE222W, PHE222K, PHL798U*00, PHL798U*28, EHET96BS, PHM798U, POH777K*10, POH777K*11, POH777S*10, POH777S*11, 75C986S*10, 75C986S*11, 75C986W*10, 75C986W*11, PHP222U, 61D931W*03, 51D931W*04, 64G988U*25, PHL668U*45, PHL668U, EOB6790X, POH777W*11, PHJ285A*05, PHVJ768U*05, PHH284U*05, 64G988U, PHE284S, 64B985B*00, 64B985W*00, 64B985S*00, POH777K*09, POH777S*09, POH777W*09, 75C986S*09, 75C986W*09, ER, EGUSFCW, ESRUFCW, EEDLAFCRW, EEDLAFCLW, RET7AFCBL, RET7AFCW, RET7EW, RET7FW, RET7FW-S, RET7FZ, RET7EW-S, RET7FZW, RET7MFMBL, RET7MFMW, RET7MFZBL, RET7MFZW, RET7W, RET7, RET7W-S, RET7ZEW, RET7ZW, PHL768U*28, POE764BK, POE764W, PHL768U*25, EG2DW, EG2FCW, EG2FDW, EG2FZW, EG2W, EG2ZW, EGLB, EGLB-A, EGLB-AS, EGLB-H, EGLB-HS, EGLB-I, EGLB-IS, EGLFW, EGLFW-S, EGLFZW, EGLW, EGLZW, EGLMFMB, EGLMFMB-A, EGLMFMB-H, EGLMFMB-I, EGLMFMW, EGLMFZB, EGLMFZW, ECCIB, ECCIB-A, ECCIB-AS, ECCIB-H, ECCIB-HS, ECCIB-I, ECCIFDW, ECCIFZW, ECCIW, ECCIW-S, ECCIMFCW, ENFCW, ENFDW, ENFZW, ENW, ENZW, EMOH4, EMOTAFCHW, ECD2DW, ECD2FCW, ECDFB, ECDFW, ECDFW-S, ECDFZB-H, ECDFZW, ECDUFCW, ECDUNTB-A, ECDUNTB-H, ECDUNTB-I, ECDW, ECDW-S, ECNFDW, ECNFW, ECNF, EPNAFCHW, EPNAFDW, EPNAFZW, EPNMFCB, EPNMFCB-I, EPNMFCW, EPNMFDW, EPNMFZW, EPNMFDB, EPNMFZB, ESEFW, ESEFW-S, ESEFZW, ESLUNTW, ESNTW-S, ESPAFCW, ESPMFDW, ESPMFZW, ESR2DW, ESR, ESPUMFZW, ESR2AFCW, ESR2FCW, ESR2FDW, ESR2FZW, ESR2MFCW, ES, ESR2W, ESREW, ESREW-S, ESRFCW, ESRFMW, ESRFZW, ESRMW, ESRAFCW, ESR2ZW, ESRZW, EPUMFCB-A, EPUMFCB-H, EPUMFCB-I, RET8FCW, ERB, ERB-A, ERB-H, ERBHK, ERB-I, ERLAFCHWJ, ERLTAFCHW, ERLUNTW, ERONT, ERONT-A, ERONT-H, ERONT-I, EROZNT, ERVWTAFPBL, RET9AFCBL, RET9AFCW, RET9FCW, RET9, RET9FW, RET9FZW, RET9MFDW, RET9W, RET, RET9ZW, VEMOTAFCHW, VEMOTAFZW, VEMOTFCHPW, VEMOUFCHPW, EGL, E, ECNFW-S, ECNFZW, EHET66AS*45, PHL768U*45, PHL768U, ECCIB-S, ECCIZB, ECCIB-IS, ECCIZB-H, ECCIZB-I, GH11SGRIW-N, ECCUSMFCW, EPUAFCHW, EPUMFCB, EPUMFCW, ESPUAFCW, ESRUAFCW, RET8AFCBL, RET8AFCW, CEH2GZB, CEH2GZW, CEHCFRHSB, CEHCFRHSBL, CEHCFRHSW, CEHCFRSB, CEHCFRSW, CEHP9HLB, CEHP9HLW, EG, EGLFB, EGLFB-, EGLFZB, EGLFZB-A, EGLFZB-H, EGLFB-A, EGLFB-AS, EGLMF, EGLFB-H, EGLFZB-I, EGLB-S, EGLFB-S, EGLZB, EGLZB-A, EGLFB-IS, EGLZB-H, EGLFB-I, EGLZB-I, EGLMFZB-A, EGLMFZB-H, EGLMFZB-I, EWO, E, EEDLAFCLB, EEDLAFDLW, EEDLAFZLW, EEDLAFDRW, EEDLAFZRW, EEDPD1L, EEDPD1R, VEEDLAFCLW, VEEDLAFCRW, ERVUBAMWJ, ERVHCHLBL, ERVHCHLW, ERVHCHTLBL, ERVHGZSPBL, ERVHGZLPBL, ERVHGZLPW, ERVHCHTLW, ERVHGZSBL, ERVHGZSWJ, ERVHGZSPW, ERVHGZSW, ESR2, ESRZ, EWOHCPFW, EWOHCPW, EWOHSLFCSS, EWOHSLFCW, EWOHSLFCXSS, EWOHSLFW, EWOHSLFZSS, EWOHSLFZW, EWOHSLW, EWOHSLFC, EWOHSLZSS, EWOHSLZW, EWOHSLFCXW, PHE564CB, PHE564CBK, PHE564CW, EUC5350W*19, EUC5350W*20, EUC5390W*19, EUC5390W*20, EUC5350W*04, EUC5390W*03, EUC5390W*04, EUC5350W*05, EUC5390W*05, EHC940U, EHC643S*25, EHC643W*25, EHC633S*25, EHC633W*25, EHC644U, EHC643U*25, EHX643U, EHC944U, EHEC65AS, EHET96AS, EHET66AS, EHC640U*05, EVBLZW, FE02MFW, FEO1CBL, FEO1CSS, FEO1CW, FEO1MFBL, FE, FEO1MFBLS, FEO1MFSS, FECC4RBL, FECC4RSS, FECC4RW, FEO1MFW, FEO1MFWS, FEO2MFW, FEO, FEO2MFBL, FEO2MFBLS, FEO1QW, FEO2MFWS, F, FEO1MFSSS, FEO1QBL, FEO1QSS, FEO2QW, FEO3MFW, FEO2MFSS, FEO2MFSSS, FEO2QS, FEPM, FEPMFCBL, FEPMFCSS, FEPMFCW, FEO2MF, FEO3MFBL, FEO3MFSS, FEO2QBL, FEO2QSS, RHEHCFSW, RHEHGZLW, RHEHSLZSW, RHEWOSLSS, RHEWOSLW, EVHCFRHSBL, EVHCFRHSW, EVHCFRSBL, EVHCFRSW, EHP29B1, EHP29S1, EHP29W1, EHP9B1, EHP9HLB1, EHP9HLW1, EHP9W1, EP29B1, EP29W1, EP9B1, EP9LB1, EP9LW1, EP9W1, VEHCFHSBL, VEHCFHSSS, VEHCFHSW, VEHCFSBL, VEHCFSSS, VEHCFSW, EHCS640S, EHCS640S*10, EHCS640W, EHCS640W*10, VFECC4RBL, VFECC4RSS, VFECC4RW, EHC640S, EHC640S*10, EHC640W, EHC640W*10, EHC940S*10, EHC940W*10, EHC940S, EHC940W, EHCFSW, EHCFHSSS, EHCFRSB, EHCFRSBL, EHCFRHSB, RECC4RBL, RECC4RSS, RECC4RW, ESR2FD, ESR2FZ, POH777W*10, RET7FW-, RET7Z, RET7W-, EGLF, ECCI, ECCIZ, ERLU, RET9MFD, ESR2MF, VEMO, FEO1M, FEO1QB, FEO1QS, FEO2M, FEO3M, EGLFZ, ERVHCHL, ERVUBAM, ERVWTAF, ESRE, ESR2A, ESRA, ESRFM, EVHCFRS, EHCFRHSBL, EHCFHSW, EHCFRSW, EHCFRHSW, EHCFSB, EHCFSBL, EHCFSSS.

May be known by other part numbers including: 1680103, 1568223, 1558071, 1568219

  • $69.00

  • Ex Tax: $62.73