389140 drive block Whirlpool top loading automatic washing machi

389140 drive block Whirlpool top loading automatic washing machine

Suits the following models (we suggest you type your model into the search box on the top right hand side of the screen rather than searching through this list)

 6LA6300XTW0, 6LA6300XYW0, 6LA9320XTW1, 6LBR6245EQ0, 6LBR6245EQ1, 6LBR7255BQO, 6LBR2755BNO, 6LSC8255EQ0, 6LSC8255EQ1, 6LA5800XTW0, 6LSS5232DQ0, 6LSS5232DQ1, 6LSS5232DQ2, 6ALSQ8000JQ0, 6LSR7244EQ0, 6LSR7244EQ1, 6LA5400XWW1, 6LBR5132BQ2, 6ALSC8255JQ0, 6ALBR6245JQ0, 6ALBR5233JQ0, 3CAP2782BW0, 3CAP2782BW1, 6CAP2782EQ0, 3CAP2762BW0, 3CAP2762BW1, 6CAP2762EQ0, 6LBR5132AW0, 6ALBR6245MW0, 6CAP2782EW0, 6LSC9245HQ0, 6LBR5132AN0, 6ALSC8255MW0, 6ALSR7244JQ0, 6ALSR7244MW0, 6LSP8255BQ3, 6LBR5132BW1, 6LBR6233BQ0, 6LBR7255AQ0, 6LBR7255AN0, 6LSC9255AQ0, 6LSC9255AN0, 6LBR5132EQ0, 6LBR5132EQ1, 6ALSQ8000MW0, 6LSP8255AW0, 6LSP8255AN0, 6ALSS5233JQ0, 6ALSQ8000MW3, 6ALSR7244MW3, 6AMTW5555TQ0, 6AMTW5455TQ0

  • Compatible with: Whirlpool
  • Product Code: 389140
  • $28.50

  • Ex Tax: $25.91