7021948 dishwasher inlet valve dishlex

Dishwasher inlet valve dishlex& 90 deg, 10mm outlet. 7021948 - 10L/min flow.

Suit early dishlex. The original valve was likely to have a dark maroon coloured coil. This one replaces that valve.

This is not the correct valve for the& Dishlex Global series Dishwashers. They& take valve 0136400041

Models include: 708A Mk7, Mk8, 100S, 160, 260, 250SD, 500E,& 560, 640HD, 760, MONACO, MILANO, MANHATTAN, , 8821, 8841, 8851, 8572AM, 8572WG, B8551AC, B8551GG, B8551WB, B8552AC, B8552WB, 7057AC, 7057WB, 7057WD, 7058AC, 7058WB, 7058GG, 7058WW,& A8564, A8571BB, A8571WW, B8571BB, B8571WW, C8551AC, C8551GG, C8551WB, C8552AC, C8552WB, D8551AC, D8552WB,& 8505B, D8551GG, D8551WB, D8552AC, 7059AC, 7059WB.

May be known by other part numbers including: 1616324, 1615822, 1615858

  • Compatible with: Dishlex
  • Product Code: 7021948
  • $43.08

  • Ex Tax: $39.16