0144002129 Rangehood Filter Aluminium Chef Simpson Westinghouse 553 X 316

0144002129 Rangehood Filter Aluminium Chef Simpson Westinghouse 553 X 316

Genuine 18 layer Aluminium mesh rangehood filter to fit Simpson, Westinghouse, Chef, and Electrolux rangehoods, and any others fitting the measurements.

Measurements: 553mm X 316mm X 8.7mm

May be known by other part numbers including: 0144002127, KE3525, 148409, 8980913, KE3521, RHF3521, RHF3525, 1898972, 1547083, 1588898, 1588436, 1590366, 1589920, 1590228, 1589987, 1589607, 1590398, 1589865, 1589968

Suits Models: WRF911US, AVONDALE, KIMBERLY, RGN9W, VRG6O2KVV, RFC900W, WRF611US#10, RCN6W*10, BRPS60S, RFC600, RCN6W*11, WRF603UW#10, RCN6S*11, RCN6S*01, WRF600UW*01, WRG602KW, RGN6W, RGN6S, WRH602KW, RFC602S, WRH602AW, WRH600UW, RFC602K, RFC602W, WRH600US, WRH600UK, WRG602KWS, RFC600W*12, WRG602AW, RFC600S*12, RFC600K*12, RFC600W, RFC600S, WRG601US, WRG600UW, RFC600K, WRG613UW*12, WRG613UW, WRG602KWS*12, WRG601US*12, WRG600UK*12, WRG600UW*12, WRG600UK, WRG602AW*12, RDN6W, RDN6S, RDN6W*12, RDN6S*12, WRF616UW, WRF611US, WRF616UK, WRF603UW, WRF616UW*12, WRF603U*12, WRF603U, WRF611US*12, WRF616UK*12, RCE6B, RCE6W, RCE6B*12, RCE6W*12, WRC600UA, WRC600UC, WRC600UB, WRC602KW, WRC603UW, WRC603UB, WRC602CW, WRC600UW, WRC601UB, WRC602MW, WRD600UW, WRD600UC, WRD600UB, WRD600UA, WRD600GW, WRD600BK, WRC603UC, WRC602AW, WRD602KW, WRD602MW, WRD603UW, WRD603UC, WRD603UB, WRD603TW, WRE613UW, WRE613UC, WRE613UB, RBN6B, RBN6W, RBE6W, RBE6B, RBE9W, WRD602AW, WRD602CW, WRC601UWN, WRC602UWN, WRC603UWN, RAN6W, RAN6B, WRF600UK*12, WRF602KW*12, WRF600UK, RCN6S, WRF600UA*12, WRF600UB, WRF613UW, WRF602AW, WRF602AW*12, WRF600UB*12, RCN6S*12, WRF601US*12, WRF600UW, RCE9W, WRF600UA, WRF601US, RCE9B, RCE9W*12, RCE9B*12, WRF602KW, WRF600UWU*12, WRF600UWU, WRD600UW*01, WRF916UK*12, WRF916UW*12, WRF916UW, WRF613UK, WRF913UW*12, RCN6B*12, WRF913UK, WRF913UW, WRF613UK*12, WRF913UK*12, WRF613UW*12, WRF916UK, RCN6W*12, RCN6B, RCN6W

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