0534001695 Oven Selector Switch 4pos Electrolux GENUINE Part

0534001695 Switch Selector 4-Position Electrolux Oven Parts

May be known by other part numbers including: 10365, 3070521, 55869, ERM075, 1562014, 1564547, 1574473, 1556205, 1564420, 1561901, 1558972, 1564360, 1565801

Electrolux owns Simpson, Westinghouse, Chef, Simpson and more. these parts may be cross-compatible.

Suits Models: GOS630K, GOS630S, GOS630W, GXC651SLP, GOS631K, GXC651KLP*03, GXC651SNG, GXC651KNG, GOS631S, GXC651WLP*03, GXC651KNG*03, GXC651WNG, GXC651WLP, EOS631W, GXC651SNG*03, GXC651KLP, GOS631W, EOS631S, EPSC631W, EOS631K, GXC651SLP*03, EPSC631S, GXC651WNG*03, EOCL633S, EOSL631W, EOC633S, EPSZ631W, EPSZ631S, EOCR633W, EOSR631W, EOCR633S, EOC641W, EOC641K, EOC641S, GXC651W, GXC651S, GXC651K, GOC673WLP, GOC673SNG, GOC673SLP, GOC633WNG, GOC633WLP, GOC633SNG, GOC633SLP, GOC673WNG, EOCL633W, GOS630S-P, EPSZ630W, EOS630W, EOS630S, GOS630S-N, GOS630K-P, GOS630W-N, GOS630K-N, EOS630K, GOS630W-P, EPSZ630S, EOC640K, EOC640W, EOC640S, EPSC630S, EPSC630W, EOSR630W, EOSL630W, EOC633W

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