366081 Filter central Simpson westinghouse dishwasher

366081 Filter Central

Suits Simpson, Westinghouse Dishwasher models: (we suggest you type your model into the search box on the top right hand side of the screen rather than searching through this list)

50B961BE*00, 50B961BC*00, 50B961BE*01, 50B961BC*01, 52B900BC*04, 52B900BW*04, 52B900IC*04, 52B900IW*04, SA906B*00, SA906B*01, SA906B*04, SA906B*05, SA906BE*02, SA906B*02, SA906B*03, 52B960BW*05, 52B960IW*04, 52B964BW*01, 52B966BW*02, 529960BE*00, SB908B*01, 50B961BW*00, 50B961IW*00, 50B961BW*01, 50B961IW*01, *01, 52B960BW-000, 52B960BB-000, 52B9601IW-000, 52B980BW-000, 52B980BB-000, 52B900BC*00, 52B900IC*01, 52B900IC*02, 52B900IC*03, 52B900IW*03, 52B970WD*00, 52B971WD*00, 52B950WF*03, 52B980SF*03, 52B980WF*03, 50B961BE*02, 50B961BW*02, 50B961IE*00, 50B961IW*02, 50B981BW*02, 52B960BB*02, 52B960BB*03, 52B960BW*03, 52B960BW*04, 52B960IB*03, SA906BE*04, SA906BE*05, SA906BE*06, 52B95WF*00, 52B980SF*00, 52B980WF*00, 52B972WE*00, SB920WE*03, SB921KE*03, SB921WE*03, SB921SE*03, SB910WD*00, SB911KD*00, SB911WD*00, SB912WD*00, SB920WE*00, SB921WE*00, SB921KE*00, SA906BE*00, SA906BE*01, 52B900IW*00, 52B900IW*01, 52B900IW*02, 52B960IB-000, 52B960IW*03, 52B960IB*02, 52B960BB*01, 52B960IB*01, 52B980BB*01, 52B960BW*02, SA906BE,& 52B960IW*02, 52B980BW*02.

Online Appliance parts can supply a complete range of replacement parts for Simpson and Westinghosue& Appliances. If you are unsure whether this part is the correct one for your model, please& email us.& We're happy to help.&


May be known by other part numbers including: 1613843, 1366081

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