C828103XK Dishwasher Upper Roller 4pk Electrolux GENUINE Part

C828103XK  4 Pack Global Upper Support Rollers

4 Pack of Vulcan Global Dishwasher Basket Wheels part C828103XK, suits Vulcan Global 300 series, 400 series, 500 series and some late model Simpson and Vulcan Milanos.

Fits many global machines.

May be known by other part numbers including: C828103XK, 8821916, C828103X, 4940501, 8821891, SC8821823GC, 1618078 

Suits Models: 8903WW, DX500IWW, 8904WW, DX300IWW, DX300IBK, DX300ISB, DX500IBK, DX500ISB, DX500FWW, DX300FWW, DX300FBK, DX300FBS, 8945WW, DX500FBK, DX500FBS, 8905WW, 8907WW, 8945BK, 8947BK, 8947WW, 8948BK, 8948WW, 8965BK, 8965SB, 8965WW, DX450IWW, DX450IBK, DX450ISB, 8985BK, 8985SB, 8985WW, 8987BK, 8987SB, 8987WW, 8988BK, 8988WW, DX450FWW, DX450FBK, 8967BK, 8967SB, 8967WW, 8968BK, DX300KA*03, DX310SA*01, 8968WW, DX100KA*00, DX100SA*00, DX150WA*00, DX300KA*00, DX300WA*00, DX300SA*00, DX100KA*01, DX100WA*00, DX450KA*00, DX450IKA*00, DX450SA*00, DX450WA*00, DX500IKA*00, DX100KA*02, DX100SA*01, DX100SA*02, DX100WA*01, DX100WA*02, K100WA*00, DX450IWA*00, K100WA*01, K100WA*02, MONACO, MILANO, MANHATTAN, DX300KA*01, DX300SA*01, DX300WA*01, DX450KA*01, DX450IKA*01, DX450SA*01, DX450WA*01, DX500KA*02, DX450IWA*01, DX300KA*02, DX300SA*02, DX450KA*02, DX450IKA*02, DX450SA*02, DX500IKA*02, DX500SA*02, DX500WA*02, DX300WA*02, DX100KA*03, DX100SA*03, DX100WA*03, K100WA*03, DX450WA*02, DX450IWA*02, DX500IWA*02, DX500KA*00, DX500SA*00, DX500WA*00, DX500IWA*00, DX150FWW*A, DX150MWW*A, DX150IWW*A, 8915BK, 8915WW, 8917BK, 8917WW, 8931WW, 8932WW, 8933WW, 8913BK, 8913WW, 8914BK, 8951WW, 8952WW, 8914SB, 8953WW, 8914WW, 8916WW, DX460SA*00, DX500KA*01, DX500IKA*01, DX500SA*01, DX500WA*01, DX500IWA*01, 8955WW, 8956WW, 8957WW, DX200FBK, DX200IWW, DX200FWW, DX200IBK, DX510SA*00, SB947AH*00, DX150WA*01, K150WA*00, K150WA*01, DXCLRIWW*A, DXCLRISB*A, DXCLRFWW*A, DX100FBK*A, DX100FBS*A, DX100FWW*A, DX100IWW*A, 8935WW, 8937WW, DX150WA*02, K150WA*02, DX300WA*03, DX310SA*00
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