Hoover timer washing machine - Eaton

Hoover timer washing machine - Eaton

There are a number of different timers to suit Hoover washing machines. They all look the same, but they have sublte difference. In each case there is a number on the back of the timer starting with 4757...

That number identifies the timer. Search the option box below for the number that fits your machine.

These timers are brand new, not "reconditioned" (which in most cases means stripped from an old machine and quite possibly no better than the one you already have)

Timers that we currently have in stock are:


Why the big price difference? most of these timers are not manufactured any more. When they're gone, that's it. We were able to buy those ones Cheaply, and we are passing those savings on to our customers. The more expensive ones are current production, and therefore not subject to the huge discount.

Some known model references: 

530: 47578469
535: 47578468K
200M0AUS: 47578L35K

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