KS648P3 Pump Electric Kit Kleenmaid

KS648P3 Pump Electric Kit Kleenmaid 

Includes all you need to replace the pump.

May be known by other part numbers including: KM648P3, KS39255P, 39255P, 1636304, 1616922, 1636302

Suits Models: AWNA62SN301AW01, AWN552SN, KAW651, KAW393W-3050, LWK23AW-3050, LWS11AW-3062, AWM250W-2200, AWM251W-2200, AWM251W-99E7, AWM270W-3062, AWM292W-2200, AWM292W22200, AWM293W-2200, AWM293W22200, AWM372W-3062, AWM373W-3062, AWM392W-1000, AWM392W-2200, AWM392W-3000, AWM392W-3300, AWM392W21000, AWM392W22200, AWM392W23000, AWM392W23300, AWM393W-1000, AWM393W-2200, AWM393W-3000, AWM393W-3050, AWM393W-3059, AWM393W-3300, AWM393W21000, AWM393W22200, AWM393W23000, AWM393W23050, AWM393W23059, AWM393W23069, AWM393W23300, AWM593W-2200, AWM593W22200, SWM190W, KAW393, KAW793W-3050, KAW651W03000, KAW693W-3050, LWK23AW, LWK24NW, LWK73, LWK24AW-3050, LWK74AW, LWK74NW-3050, LWK24NW-3050, LWK74AW-3050, LWK73AW-3050

  • Compatible with: Kleenmaid
  • Product Code: KS648P3
  • $139.00

  • Ex Tax: $126.36