481946279986 Rangehood Lens cover, Whirlpool GENUINE Part

Part Number 481946279986 Lens cover to suit Whirlpool Rangehood.


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Alias: 1649219, M1485543 

Suits Models Including: AKR 676 IX, AKR 976 IX, AKR639IX, AKR639WH, AKR651IX, AKR651IX1, AKR651WH, AKR676/01IX, AKR676/01WH, AKR676IX, AKR676WH, AKR920AL, AKR920IX, AKR920WH, AKR956.IX, AKR956/WH, AKR956AL, AKR956IX, AKR956WH, AKR976/01AL, AKR976/01IX, AKR976/01WH, AKR976IX, AKR976WH, DKEL3760IN/G, DKEL3760SWG, DKEL3760WSG, G2PCHY - 1/SS, G2PCHY-1/SS, G2PCHYSS, HOO504.S, HOO504S


  • Brand: Whirlpool
  • Product Code: 481946279986
  • $49.95

  • Ex Tax: $45.41