DC62-00266E Inlet Valve, Washing machine, Samsung GENUINE part.

Part Number DC62-00266E inlet valve to Suit Samsung Washing Machine

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May Also be Known as Part Number 1933285

Suits Samsung Top Loading Washing Machines including models: WA65F5S2URW/SA, WA70F5G4DJW/SA, WA70F5S2URW/SA WA75F5S6DRA/SA,WA80F5G4DJW/SA, WA85F7S6DRA/SA, WA65F5S2URW/SA, WA65F5S6DRW/SA, WA70F5G4DJW/SA, WA70F5S2URW/SA, WA75F5S6DRA/SA, WA80F5G4DJW/SA, WA85F7S6DRA/SA, WA85J6750SW/SA, WA65F5S2URW SA(Version 0000), WA65F5S2URW SA(Version 0001), WA65F5S2URW SA(Version 0002), WA65F5S2URW SA(Version 0003), WA65F5S6DRW SA(Version 0000), WA70F5G4DJW SA(Version 0000), WA70F5G4DJW SA(Version 0001),, WA70F5S2URW SA(Version 0000), WA70F5S2URW SA(Version 0001), WA70F5S2URW SA(Version 0002), WA70F5S2URW SA(Version 0003), WA75F5S6DRA SA(Version 0000), WA75F5S6DRA SA(Version 0001), WA75F5S6DRA SA(Version 0002), WA80F5G4DJW SA(Version 0000), WA80F5G4DJW SA(Version 0001), WA85F7S6DRA SA(Version 0000), WA85F7S6DRA SA(Version 0001), WA85F7S6DRA SA(Version 0002), WA85J6750SW SA(Version 0000).

  • Brand: Samsung
  • Product Code: DC62-00266E
  • $94.95

  • Ex Tax: $86.32