0122400012 Dishwasher Flow Through Heater Electrolux GENUINE Part

Part Number 0122400012 Flow Through Heater to suit Electrolux Dishwasher 

Electrolux are the owners of the AEG, Chef, Dishlex, Electrolux, Kelvinator, Simpson and Westinghouse names, as well as older Hoover. Parts for any of these brands may be cross-compatible with each other.

Online Appliance Parts can supply a complete range of Genuine Electrolux Spare Parts. If you can't find the spare part you are looking for, please contact us and we'll be happy to help you.

Suits many other European Dishwashers.

May be known by other part numbers including: 1611704, 1611632, 1611847, 1611914, 1548369, 1611198, 481225928892, 50277796-00/4, 50297618-00/6, A5027779600, 672050310029, YA1858430000

Suits Models: WSU6603XR 91144601208 FAV80850IM 91123466500 FAV88050IM 91123483103 F88009W0P/AU 91141703601 F88009M0P/AU 91141703701 DX103WK 91151903101 F77000W0P/AU 91141411701 F78002VI0P-AU 91143409902 91141411702 SB925SJ*06 SB915WJ*06 SB915SJ*06 SB915KJ*06 ESL6610RO 91143703303 91143703302 ESF6700ROX 91141703301 91141703300 FAV60820W 91123258401 FAV86050IM 91123507301 911235073 DX403WB*01 DX403WB*00 EX403SJ*02 EX403SJ*01 EX403SJ*00 FAV6281IW 91123443702 FAV6281IM 91123443602 FAV6281IB 91123443800 91123443700 91123443600 F40860M 91191662901 WSF6605XR 91141605701 ESF6100X 911882022 ESF6100W 911882021 FAV40760 911371106 91123443603 91143703300 F77000M0P/AU 91141411800 52B890WJ*06 52B890SJ*06 FAV88080IM 91137220200 F88080IM 91192861502 WSF6605WR 91141605802 EX302WJ*04 EX302SJ*04 EX302WJ*03 EX302SJ*03 EX302WJ*02 EX302SJ*02 EX302WJ*00 EX302SJ*00 91123466501 FAV40730W 911371041 FAV60850VIM 911373087 FAV4270IM 911234433 91123443801 91123443701 91123443601 EX403WB*01 EX403SB*01 DX302SJ*03 DX302WJ*03 DX302SJ*04 DX302WJ*04 DX302SJ*05 DX302WJ*05 DX302SJ*06 DX302WJ*06 DX302WJ*00 DX302SJ*01 DX302WJ*01 DX302SJ*02 DX302WJ*02 DX302SJ*00 91141605702 91141605703 SB907SJ*00 SB907WJ*00 SB915KJ*00 SB915SJ*00 SB915WJ*00 SB925SJ*00 SB907SJ*02 SB907WJ*02 SB915KJ*02 SB915SJ*02 SB915WJ*02 DX302SB*00 DX302WB*00 SB9O7WJ*01 SB9I5KJ*O1 SB915SJ*01 SB915WJ*01 5B907SJ*O1 SB925SJ*O1 SB907WJ*01 SB915KJ*O1 SB907SJ*O1 SB925SJ*01 SB915KJ*01 SB907SJ*01 DX302SB*02 DX302SB*03 DX302WB*02 DX302WB*03 52B850SJ*00 52B850WJ*00 SB907SJ*09 SB907WJ*09 SB907SJ*10 SB907WJ*10 DX302SB*01 DX302WB*01 DX403SB*04 DX403WB*04 DX403WB*06 DX403IWB*04 DX403SB*05 SB907SJ*03 403SB*06 SB907WJ*03 403WB*05 SB915KJ*03 SB915SJ*03 DX403WB*07 SB915WJ*03 DX403IWB*05 SB925SJ*03 DX403IWB*06 DX302ISJ*00 DX302ISJ*01 DX302ISJ*03 DX403SB*00 DX403IWB*00 SB907SJ*05 SB907WJ*05 SB907SJ*06 SB907WJ*06 DX102SB*00 DX102WB*00 SB915KJ*08 SB915SJ*08 SB915WJ*08 SB925SJ*08 52B870SJ*00 52B870WJ*00 52B890SJ*00 52B890WJ*00 DX102SB*01 DX102SB*02 DX102WB*01 DX102WB*02 EX600ISC*01 DX403SB*01 SB907SJ*07 SB907WJ*07 SB907SJ*08 SB907WJ*08 DX302SJ-AA*00 DX302WJ-AA*00 DX302SJ-AA*01 DX302WJ-AA*01 DX302SJ-AA*02 DX302WJ-AA*02 52B850SJ*05 52B850WJ*05 52B850SJ*O1 52B850WJ*01 52B850SJ*02 52B850WJ*02 52B850SJ*01 DX403SB*06 DX403WB*05 SB907SJ*04 SB907WJ*04 SB915KJ*04 DX403SB*02 SB915SJ*04 DX403SB*03 SB915WJ*04 DX403WB*02 SB925SJ*04 DX403WB*03 DX302ISJ*04 DX403IWB*01 DX302ISJ*05 DX403IWB*02 DX403IWB*03 EX403SJ*03 DX403SJ*03 F78002VI0P 91143403501 F86070IM 91192761900 FAV4270I-M 91123443302 FAV54750VI 911796048 52B870SJ*06 52B870WJ*06 52B870SJ*07 52B870WJ*07 52B850SJ*07 52B850WJ*07 52B870SJ*01 52B870WJ*01 52B890SJ*01 52B890WJ*01 SB915KJ*05 SB915SJ*05 SB915WJ*05 SB925SJ*05 52B850SJ*06 52B850WJ*06 DX403SJ*00 DX403SJ*01 DX403SJ*02 DX102SJ*02 DX102WJ*02 EX600ISB*02 SB915KJ*07 SB915SJ*07 SB915WJ*07 SB925SJ*07 EX302SJ*05 EX302WJ*05 52B870SJ*02 52B870WJ*02 52B890SJ*02 52B890WJ*02 DX102SJ*00 DX102WJ*00 52B850SJ*03 52B850WJ*03 52B850SJ*04 52B850WJ*04 52B870SJ*04 52B870WJ*04 EX600ISB*00 EX500ISB*00 DX102SJ*03 DX102WJ*03 91141411802 91143703301 ESF6800ROX 91141802102 91141802101 91144601207 WSU66O3XR 91141411801 91144601205 F88009W0P 91141703600 91141703700 F77000M0P 91141405902 F77000W0P 91141411700 91141605800 EX500ISC*02 FAV6081W 911232317 WDU903SA 91194626800 52B870SJ*03 52B870WJ*03 52B890SJ*03 52B890WJ*03 EX302SB*00 EX302WB*00 EX403SB*00 EX403WB*00 EX403IWB*00 EX302SB*01 EX302WB*01 EX302SB*02 EX302SB*03 52B870SJ*05 EX302WB*02 52B870WJ*05 52B890SJ*05 EX302WB*03 52B890WJ*05 EX500ISB*01 EX600ISC*00 EX500ISC*00 EX600ISB*01 FAV86050U-M 911236214 F89020IM 91192863702 52B870WJ*08 52B870SJ*08 FAV4070W 91123231600 91123258301 FAV86070IM 911372200 FAV44050UM 91123621300 ESF66060X 91191666000 F88025VIM 91194461000 91192863700 FAV4270IA 91123466401 EX600ISB*03 DX102SJ*01 DX102WJ*01 EX403SB*02 EX403SB*03 EX403WB*02 EX403WB*03

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