0144002139 Rangehood Filter Electrolux GENUINE Part

0144002139 Rangehood  Filter Aluminium Chef - Simpson - Westinghouse 516 X 200mm

Genuine 18 layer Aluminium mesh Rangehood filter to fit Simpson, Westinghouse, Chef, and Electrolux rangehoods. (and some others)

Dimensions: 516mm X 200mm X 8.7mm

May be known by other part numbers including: 1588948, 1588487, 1590303

Suits Models: RRC633S, RDHR6S, WRG610IW, WRG610IS*12, WRG610IK*12, RRC603S, RDHR6W*12, WRG610IS, WRG610IW*12, RRC633W, RRC663S, RRC663W, WRG605IK*12, WRG605IS*12, WRG605IW*12, RRC603W, RDHR6S*12, WRG605IS, WRG605IW, RDHR6W, RRC630S, RRC660S*12, RRC600W, RRC660K*12, RRC600K, RRC660W, RRC660S, RRC600W*12, RRC660K, WRG607IW, RRC630W*12, RRC600S*12, WRG607IS, WRG607IW*12, RRC635W, RRC630S*12, WRG607IS*12, RRC635S, RRC660W*12, RRC630W, RRC600K*12, RRC600S, WRG607W*12, WRG607W

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