0188400012 Dishwasher Lower Seal Electrolux GENUINE Part

0188400012 Simpson Lower Dishwasher Door Seal

Genuine Simpson lower door seal to suit a range of Concord, Contessa, Riveriera and Silencio dishwashers. It is recommended that the lower door seal be replaced at the same time as the upper door seal.

Screws are supplied with the door seal, the seal is 550mm long.

Upper seal: 0208400069

May be known by other part numbers including: 0114400001, 0188400017, 4940900, DWS010, DWS024, 1613695, 1547454, 1614139, 1614437

Suits Models: 53026100, 53026001, 53026000, 52025100, 52025001, 52025000, 52021000, 52021500, 52021600, 52023000, 52024000, 52024200, 52025310, 52025400, 52027400, 52124000, 53022000, 53022200, 53026310, 53026400, 52B960IW*01, 52B960BW*01, 52B980BW000, 52B960BB000, 52B960BW000, 52B880MB000, 52B880BB000, 52B860BB000, 52B860BW000, 52225000, 52227000, 52A906BW, 52B860FW000, 52B862BW000, 52B864BW000, 52B866BW000, 52B868BW000, 52B880BW000, 52B880MW000, 52B960IB000, 52B980BB000, 52271000, 52371000, 52571000, 53271000, 53571000, 52235000, 52255000, 52265000, 52275000, 52285000, 52535000, 52555000, 52565000, 52575000, 52585000, 53275000, 53575000, 54551000, 52A860BB, 52A860FW, 52A860BW, 52A860FB, 52A866BW, 52A880BB, 52A880BW, 52A880MB, 52A880MW, 52B840BW*00, 52B860FW-000, 52B960IB*03, 52B860BB-000, 52B862BW-000, 52B864BW-000, 52B880MW*01, 52B868BW-000, 52B880BW-000, 52B880BB-000, 52B880MW-000, 52B880MB-000, 52B960BW-000, 52B960BB-000, 52B860BW-000, 52B960IB-000, 52B980BW-000, 52B980BB-000, 52B860FW*01, 52B90IW*01, 52B980BW*01, 52B960BB*00, 52B960IB*00, 52B980BB*00, 52B8660BW*01, 52B8626BW*01, 52B864BW*01, 52B866BW*01, 52B868BW*01, 52B880BW*01, 52B866BW-000, 52B906BW*01, 52B860BC*01, 52B880BC*01, 52B880MC*01, 529960BE*00, 52B860FW*02, 52B860FW*03, 52B860BW*02, 52B860BW*03, 52B860BC*02, 52B862BW*02, 52B862BW*03, 52B864BW*02, 52B864BW*03, 52B866BW*02, 52B866BW*03, 52B868BW*02, 52B880BW*02, 52B880BC*02, 52B880MW*02, 52B880MC*02, 52B960BB*02, 52B960BB*03, 52B960BW*03, 52B960BW*04, 52B960IB*02, 52B9601IW-000, 52B960IW*03, 52B966BW*00, 52B966BW*01, 52B980BB*02, 52B980BB*03, 52B980BW*03, 52B980BW*04, 50B861W*00, 50B86BW*01, 50B881BW*00, 50B881BW*01, 50B961BE*00, 50B961BE*01, 50B961BC*00, 50B961BC*01, 50B961BW*00, 50B961BW*01, 50B961IW*00, 50B961IW*01, 52B961IC*00, 52B961IC*01, 52B981BW*00, 52B961BW*01, SA904B*00, SA904B*01, SA904B*02, SA904B*03, SA904B*04, SA906BE*00, SA906BE*01, SA906BE*02, SA906BE*03, SA908B*00, SA908B*01, SA908B*02, SA908B*03, SB904B*00, SB906B*00, SB908B*00, 52B900BC*00, 52B900IC*01, 52B900IC*02, 52B900IC*03, 52B900IW*00, 52B900IW*01, 52B900IW*02, 52B900IW*03, 52B900BC*01, 52B900BC*02, 52B900BC*03, 52B900BW*00, 52B900BW*01, 52B900BW*02, 52B900BW*03, 52B900IC*00, 52-371-000, 52A960, SB920WE-03, 52B840BW, SB921WE*00, SB921KG*00, 52B971WD*00, 52B970WD*00, SB921SG*00, SB911KD*00, SA906BE*06, SB904B*01, SB911WD*00, SB912WD*00, SB910WD*00, 52B860BC*03, SB921WG*00, SA906BE*05, 52B860MW*01, 52B862BW*04, 52B864BW*04, 52B866BW*04, 52B868BW*03, 52B860BW*05, SB904B*02, 52B880BC*03, SA906B*01, SB908B*01, 52B880MW*03, 52B960BW*05, 52B960IW*04, 52B860BW*04, 52B850, 52B860FW*04, 52B900BW*04, 52B900IC*04, 52B900IW*04, 50B861BW*02, 50B881BW*03, 50B881BW*02, 50B961BE*02, 50B961BW*02, 50B961IE*00, 50B961IW*02, 50B981BW*02, SB905WE*00, SB920WE*00, 52B860FW*05, SB921KE*00, SB921SE*00, 52B972WE*00, 52B972WE*01, 52B880BW*03, 52B880MC*03, 52B850SF*00, 52B85WF*00, 52B95WF*00, 52B980SF*00, 52B980WF*00, SB905WE*03, 52B964BW*01, 52B966BW*02, SA906BE*04, 52B900BC*04, 52B850SF*04, 52B850WF*04, 52B950WF*03, 52B980SF*03, 52B980WF*03, 52B950WF*04, 52B980SF*04, 52B980WF*04, SB920WE*03, SB921KE*03, SB921WE*03, SB921SE*03, SB920WE*4, SB921KE*04, SB921SE*04, SB921WE*04, SB905WG*00, 52B850SG, 52B850WG*00, 52B950WG*00, 52B980SG, 52B980WG*00, SB920WG*00, 52B850WF*02, 52B850SF*03, 52B850SF*02, 52B840BW*02, 52B850WF*03, 52B840BW*01

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