0214377106 Oven Motor Kit Simpson GENUINE Part

0214377106 motor simpson westinghouse dryer

Suits models 39P400M, 39S500M, 39S600M, 39S505EM, LD500B, LD505EB, LD605EB, EDE605A, LD505EB, EDV505, EDV605, EDV605S, LD500B*00, LD505EB*00, LD605EB*00, 39P400M, 39S500M, 39S600M, EDE605A*00, LD505EB, LD505EB*01, LD605EB, LD605EB*01, 39P400M*00, 39S500M*00, 39S600M*00, 39S505EM*00, EDV505, EDV605, EDV605S.

Kit includes mounting rings, capacitor and hardware.&

May be known by other part numbers including: 1587566

  • $180.00

  • Ex Tax: $163.64