0609100379 Oven Fan Element 2.2kw Electrolux GENUINE Part

0609100379 Fan Element Kit 2200W Electrolux Oven Parts

Approx 210mm diameter. 2200w. replaces part number 0122004575, which was the same but this one has an additional mounting point to stop the element buckling. (includes the screw).

May be known by other part numbers including: 0122004541, 10518, 20.35149.000, EF20.35149.000, EF20.35167.000, ERM686, 1649236, 1557372

Suits Models: PAK558W, PAK529B*02, PAK529B, PAK520W, PAK518W, PAK509RC*03, PAK509RC, PAK509R*03, PAK509R, 94000173065, PAK806W, 94000173165, PAK808W, 94000173265, PPN776S, PON663S, EOC624, 63G906S*26, PON668W*04, PAK804W

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