062066004 Oven Bottom Element Delonghi GENUINE Part

Part Number 062066004 Bottom Element to suit Delonghi Oven

Items listed for wall Ovens may be suitable for upright stoves, cooktops and freestanding ranges.

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Measurements: Height 400mm, Width 345mmm, Bracket 70mm, Tags 25mm, Crossbar 480mm

May be known by other part numbers including: 1767990, 1744591, 1673082, 1775963, 10805, EDIDL062066004, IM72-02, 573647

Suits Models: 61L, 8442W Cucina, 8642W Cucina, 8642X Cucina, 8644RX, 8644W cucina, 8644X Cucina, 8645 RX Cucina, 8C4MF7W Cucina, 8C4MFTX Cucina, A1026G, A1026G, CBV633, D61GLPG, D61C, D61E, D61EII, D61G, D61GII, D61GW, D926GII, D926GWF, DE61GW, DE61GW, DE926GWF, DE926GWF, DEF605E, DEF605E, DEF605GW, DEF605GW, DS61E, DS61GW, GEB664, GEB 664 Cucina, GEB664S, H8442W, H8644X, L61GW, L61II, L61L, LEB664 Cucina, LEI664, LEI664 Cucina, LMFB664 Cucina, LMFI664 Cucina, M60MFX cucina, M61MFX, M92X, MQ162X, MSB9160 ME Cucina, MSI9160 ME Cucina, PEMX166 GHIT, PEMX664GHI, PEMX965T, TEMW664A, TEMW664V, TEMX664A, TEMX664V, TEW664, TEW664A, DS61E, DEF605E, DEF605E, D61C, D61EII, D61E, L61GW, DE61GW, DE61GW, DEF605GW, DEF605GW, L61II, 61L, L61L, DS61GW, D61GII, 61G, D, D61GW, D61G, D926GII, D926GWF, DE926GWF, DE926GWF, A1026G, A1026G

  • Brand: Delonghi
  • Product Code: 062066004
  • $73.95

  • Ex Tax: $67.23