1441805 Fridge Dairy Door Electrolux GENUINE Part

1441805 Electrolux Fridge Dairy Door Assembly

Items listed for Fridges may also be suitable for Freezers, and vice-versa.

This is a genuine Electrolux replacement part. All Electrolux Spare parts come with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty. Electrolux are the owners of the AEG, Westinghouse, Chef, Simpson, Kelvinator and Dishlex Brands. There is often crossover between parts for all these brands.

May be known by other part numbers including: 1591232, 1548767, 1595695, 1595691

Suits Models: EHE5107SA, 925042468, EBE4307SD-R, 925042811, EBE4307SD-L, 925042810, ETM4200SD, 925042822, 925042823, HBE4307SD-L, 925042844, HBE4307SD-R, 925042845, 925042801, 925042802, EHE5107SB, 925042815, EBE4300SD-R, 925042806, EBE4300SD-L, 925042805, 925042816, ETE4407SD-L, 925042826, ETE4407SD-R, 925042827, ERM4307SD, 923041050, HRM4307SDRE, ETM4402PB-RPH, 925042474, ETM4402PB-RT, 925042538, ETE4402SB-RT, 925042536, ETM4402PB-RE, 925042539, ETE4402SB-RE, 925042537, ETM4402PB-RSA, 925042634, EBE4300SE-L, 925042695, EBE4300SE-R, 925042694, ETM4200SC, ETM3900WA, ERM4300WA, EBE4300SC, EBE4300SB *01, ERM4307SC, ERM4300WB, N440J, ETM4407SC, ETE4400SA, EBM4307SC, ETM4400WA, NB380J, N390SJ, NB430SJ, N420J, NB430SEJ, N440SJ, ETM3600WA, N360J, ETM3900SA, N390J, ETM4400SA, N440SEJ, EBM4300SC, EBM3800WA, EBM4300WA, EBM4300SA, NB430J, EBE4300SA, EBM4307SA, ETM4407SA, ETM3600WB, ETM3900WB, ETM3900SB, ETM4200WB, ETM4200SB, CS430J, EBM3800WB, EBM4300WB, EBM4300SB, EBE4300SB, EBM4300SD, EHE5167SB, ETM3900SB-R, ETE4200SC, N420SEJ, ETE4200SB *01, ETE4200SB, EBE3800SA, ETE3900SA, NB380SEJ, N390SEJ

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