1903 1250W Coil 6 Plug In St George St George Stove/Oven

1903 Cooktop Element 1250W Coil - 6 Plug In - St George

Online Appliance Parts can supply the full range of St George parts to suit cooktops, ovens and stoves and more.

Oven part 820365 is equivalent to St George 1100 and Stokes 1902 and 1903

Measurements: The element is 145mm in diameter and is 1250 Watts and comes with two copper pins that will help resist corrosion in the socket.

This element fits a range of ovens including some Westinghouse, Modern Made, Davell, New World and St George.

Models it can suit also include: CR50, CR580, CR950, CR931, CR602B, CR602W, CR90, CR902B, CR902W, ER60, ER90, XG370, XG370, ER90

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