20433-3-1 Klixon Thermostat GENUINE 50 Degrees to 80 Degrees

20433-3-1 Klixon Thermostat Universal Hot Water 50 Degrees to 82 Degrees

This copper universal hot water system Klixon Thermostat suits many models available in Australia. It is so common that trades will often buy these in quantities of 10 or 20, as they can be used for such a wide variety of hot water systems.

Universal surface mount electric hot water thermostat to suit single element hot water systems. Can replace Robertshaw equivalents. 

Adjustable temperature range from 60 to 82 degrees Celsius. 

Includes manual reset over temperature safety cut-out.

May be known by other part numbers, including: 20433-3S, 6060607, DY399-33, ES4258, ES4503, ES5414, HWE601, 20433-2-1, 20433-3-1, 20433-3-2, 20433-2-2, 6060607 W1M280, 20433-3S, GRI20433, 20433-3S,GRI20433-3, cs/1076/s, cs1076s, H204, 1060604, TEXAS, HWE601, H204


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