306094P Fridge Freezer Fan Kit 635 Fisher & Paykel GENUINE Part

306094P Fisher Paykel Freezer Fan With Panel 635 Series

Freezer Fan - 635mm Wide
Size 18 1/2" x 11 15/16"
Item #& 306094P

Dimensions: 470mm x 304mm. 
Freezer fan to suit most 635mm wide cabinets.

Suits certain model numbers beginning with: E331, E372, E381, E402, E411, E415H.

NOTE: Will not suit older models manufactured prior to Nov 1998.

May be known by other part numbers including: 881113, 1655315

Suits Models: E415H, E331T, E372B 21777-A (E372BRE G FP WW), E372B 21786-D (E372BLX G FP SX), E372B 21785-C (E372BRX G FP SX), E372B 21786-A (E372BLX G FP SX), E372B 21868-B (E372BLT G FP WW), E372B 23593-A (E372BRT2 FP NZ), E402BLE 21780-D (E402BLE G WH), E372BLE G FP WH (23509-A), E402BLE 21780-A, E402BRE

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