360313 inlet valve Hoover Simpson westinghouse 90deg. 10mm 10L/m

360313 Washing Machine Water Valve 90deg 10L/min 10mm 240V

Genuine valve by the manufacturer, not the cheap chinese copy. Fits Hoover, Electrolux, Simpson, Westinghouse and many more. flow rate is 10L/.min. outlet is 10mm, and water flows through the valve in a 90 degree turn.

This valve serves as a Universal replacement single inlet water valve to suit a huge variety of machines.

May be known by other part numbers including: 75686011, 43514403, 360313B, 1020101, 1020103, 43514402, 75686007, 75686008, 75686011, AED4976, M1237650, 1582349, 1582018, 1580523, 1580302, 1581086, 1579767, 1579638, 1579806, 1583287, 1580085, W035(copy) 

Suits Models: LTL9708, A6894-015, A6896-015, AF036-015, AF038-015, ADMIRAL, 5100-A6838, GEMINI, 894-A6836, GALAXY, MSE, 884-A6834, COMMODORE, 892-A6832, HOOVER1000-A6826, HOOVER800-A6828, HOOVER900-A6830, HOOVER972-A6830-005, 22S750M, 91304101000, 22S750M*00, 913001241, 22S950M, 91304101100, SWT552SA, 91304100200, SWT902SA, 91304100800, SWT902SA*00, 913001228, SWT955SA, 91304100900, SWT955SA*00, 913001229, SWT605SA, 91304100300, 91304101001, SWT802SA, 91304100701, 91304100801, 91304100901, 91304100201, 91304100301, 91304104700, 91304101101, 91304100700, SWT802SA*00, 913001227, SWT554, 91304105800, 91304105900, SWT754, 91304106100, 91304106400, 22S750L*00, 22S750L*02, 22S800L*00, 22S800L*02, 22S805L*00, 22S805L*02, 22S950L*00, 22S950L*02, 36P450L*00, 36P450L*02, 36P450L*03, 36S550L*00, 36S550L*02, 36S605L*02, LT955SA*00, LT955SA*01, LT809SA*01, 22S750K*03, 36P500M*00, 36S605M*00, EWT606SA, 91304100400, 22S700H*01, LC4200P*01, LC550S*01, 36B402P*01, 36B406P*01, 36B407SA*01, 36B412S*01, 36B504P*01, 36B505S*01, 36B508SA*01, LC420P000, LC550S000, 36B402P000, 36B406P000, 36B407SA000, 36B504P000, 36B505S000, 36B508SA000, 22S800L*03, 22S950L*03, LB420P000, LB420P030, LB550S000, LB550S030, W42AP000, W42AP030, W55AS000, W55AS030, 36A402P000, 36A402P010, 36A402P020, 36A402P030, 36A406P000, 36A406P010, 36A406P020, 36A406P030, 36A407SA000, 36A407SA010, 36A407SA020, 36A407SA030, 36A504P000, 36A504P010, 36A504P020, 36A504P030, 36A505S000, 36A505S010, 36A505S020, 36A505S030, 36A508SA000, 36A508SA010, 36A508SA020, 36A508SA030, 22S816K*00, 22C821S*01, 22C821S*02, 22C822P*01, 22C822P*02, 22C823S*01, 22C823S*02, 22D721S*01, 22D721S*02, 22D728P*01, 22D728P*02, 22D729S*01, 22D729S*02, 22D824P*01, 22D824P*02, 22D825P*01, 22D825P*02, 22D826S*01, 22D826S*02, 22D827S*01, 22D827S*02, 22D828SS*01, 22D828SS*02, 22D829SA*01, 22D829SA*02, LT609SA*01, LT609SA*00, LD425P*01, LD425P*03, LD555S*01, LD555S*03, 36D427S*01, 36D427S*02, 36D428P*01, 36D422P*01, 36D428P*03, 36D422P*02, 36D522P*01, 36D422P*03, 36D423P*01, 36D423P*02, 36D522P*03, 36D423P*03, 36D426P*01, 36D426P*02, 36D523S*01, 36D523S*02, 36D523S*03, 36D524P*01, 36D524P*02, 36D524P*03, 36D525S*01, 36D525S*02, 36D525S*03, 36D528SA*01, 36D528SA*02, 36D528SA*03, AC36D422P*01, AC36D525S*01, 36S605K*01, LB725P000, LB725P010, LB750S000, 22A706S000, 22A706S010, LB750S010, 22A706S100, 22A704P000, 22A704P010, 22A706S110, 22A707PA000, 22A704P100, 22A707PA010, 22A704P110, 22A705P000, 22A707PA100, 22A707PA110, 22A705P010, 22A708SA000, 22A705P100, 22A705P110, 22A708SA010, 22A708SA100, 22A708SA110, 22A710SE000, 22A710SE010, LT955SA*02, LT608SA*01, LT608SA*02, LT608SA*03, 22B705P*02, LB725P020, LB750S020, 22A704P120, 22A705P120, 22A707PA120, 22A708SA120, 22A710SE020, LC725P000, LC750S000, 22B704P000, 22B705P000, 22B706S000, 22B707PA000, 22B708SA000, 22B710SE000, 22P728G*02, 500ME*00, 600ME*00, 22C804P*01, 22C806S*01, 22C808SS*01, 22C812P*01, 22C813S*01, 22C814S*01, 700LE*00, LT609SAU*03, 500MB*01, 550MB*01, 600MB*01, 913041058, 913041059, 36S605N, 91304105700, 36S550M, 91304100001, 91304100000, 36S550N, 91304105100, 36S605M, 91304100101, 36S550M*00, 913001215, 91304100100, SWT604, 36S605L*00, 22S750N, LT809SA*00, SWT954, 22S701E*06, 36S557J*02, LD800S*03, 36P450H*03, 22P600H*01, 22S720F*04, 22S730E*01, 22S822F*01, 36E525S*02, 36E523S*02, LE555S*02, LD850SA*01, 36P450H*01, 36S500H*01, 22S821F*04, 36S540H*01, 22S700H*02, 22S741H*02, 22P824D*03, 36S541H*01, 22S821E*01, 22S730F*01, 22S730G*01, 36E528SA*02, 22S826F*01, 36E524P*01, 36E522P*01, LE425P*01, LD850SA*02, 36S424E*01, LD800S*01, 22S821F*05, 36S541J*01, 22P728G*01, 36P422E*04, 36S540H*02, 22S757J*01, 22S720F*05, 36S555J*01, 22S756J*01, 22S823F*01, 22S821F*01, 22S740H*01, 22S700H*03, 22S823E*01, LC725P*02, 22P822E*01, 22S730G*02, LD800S*05, 36P428E*01, 22B715S*02, 22S741H*01, 36S541H*02, 36E528SA*01, 36P401F*01, 36P401F*04, 22B711SE*02, 36S550J*01, 36E422P*01, 36P450J*02, 22S822F*04, 36S541J*02, 36E523S*01, 36S550J*02, 22S822F*05, 22P650J*01, 36E423P*01, 22S741J*01, 22S823F*04, 22S750J*01, LE425P*04, 22P650J*02, 22S823F*05, 22S741J*02, LD850SA*03, 22S750J*02, 22P824D*04, 500MA*01, LD800S*02, 550MA*01, 22P824D*05, 700LA*01, 36P428G*01, 750LA*01, 22P824D*06, 800RLA*01, 36P450J*01, 22S650J*01, 22S826F*04, 22S757J*02, 22S826F*05, 36S500H*03, 36S424E*04, 22P728E*01, 36E525S*01, 22S756J*02, LE555S*01, LE555S*04, 36S556J*01, 22P600H*03, LD850SA*05, 229728G*02, 36S557J*01, 22S740H*03, 36S541H*03, 22S741H*03, 36S555J*02, 22S740H*02, 36S525E*04, 22S720F*01, 36S556J*02, 22B710SE*02, LC750S*02, 22B750P*02, 750LD*00, 700LD*00, 36S550K*01, 22S650K*03, 36P450K*01, 36S550J*04, 800RLD*01, 800RLD*00, 600MD*00, 550MD*00, 36P450J*04, 500MD*00, K600B*03, K600B*02, 600MB*02, 800ELA*01, 550MB*02, 500MB*02, K605B*02, 36S605K*02, 36S550K*03, 36S550K*02, 36P450K*03, 36P450K*02, 22S757J*03, 22S756J*03, K800C*01, 800ELC*01, 800RLC*01, K750C*01, 750LC*01, 700LC*01, 22S807K*01, 22S806K*01, 22S750K*01, 22S650K*01, K800B*01, 800ELB*01, K750B*01, 800RLB*01, 750LB*01, 700LB*01, K600B*01, 2430L0AUS, 7005L0AUS, 2045L0AUS, 2085L0AUS, 2300L0AUS, 2305L0AUS, 2310L0AUS, 2315L0AUS, 2320L0AUS, 2325L0AUS, 2425L0AUS, 2065L0AUS, A6830, A6924, A6834, A6830-005, A6908, A6904, A6836, A6928, A6914, A6832, A6916, A6826, A6926, A6906, A6918, A6838, A6910, A6912, A6930, A6920, A6932, A6894, A6896, A6922, A6900, A6828, A6902, A6976, A6974, A6972, A6970, A6968, A6964, A6962, A6960, A6958, A6956, A6950, A6984, A6978, A6954, A6952, 1020, A6464, A6466, A6468, A6274, A6232, 960, 970, 975, A6578, A6580, A6582, A6470, A6584, A6590, A6516, 1010, 200M0AUS

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