374063522 Cooktop Ceran Element 1200W Electrolux GENUINE Part

374063522 Element Ceran 165mm 1200W Electrolux Oven & Cooktop Parts

Suit chef, Westinghouse, Simpson and Electrolux stoves.

This is a genuine element. Replaces EGO 60.25172.000

May be known by other part numbers including: 0122004461, 0122004480, 1110, 3130524, 3740635-21/8, 389070022, 823329, 9791, 1568223, 1558071, 1568219, 1555996, 1567182, 1567310, 1560526, 1556795, 1560838, 1565854, 1556968, 1567232, 1555, 1568137, 1568157, 1568147, 1568184, 1557823, 15559, 1557, 1557605

Suits Models: PAK507RC*56, PAK557W*56, PAK507RC*55, PAK557W*55, EBC5481W*55, PAK806W*40, PAK808W*40, PAK509RC*40, PAK558W*40, EBC5481W*59, PAK509RC*37, 4U605W*39, 4U605W*40, 4U606W*39, 4U606W*40, 4U608W*39, 4U608W*40, 4U609W*39, PEK1370W-L*59, PEK1370W-R*59, PAK806W*60, PAK808W*60, PAK808W*39, PAK806W*39, 4U609W*58, 4U606W*58, 4U608W*58, EBC5481W*40, PAK806W*46, PAK808W*46, PEK1370W-L*55, PEK1370W-R*55, PEK1370W-L*57, PEK1370W-R*57, PAK806W, 94000173165, PAK808W, 94000173265, PEK1370W-L*52, PEK1370W-R*52, PEK1370W-L*54, PEK1370W-R*54, PEK1380W-L*43, PEK1380W-R*43, 4U606W, 94000170667, 94000170767, 4U609W, 94000170867, 94000173267, PEK1380W-L*37, PEK1380W-R*37, EBC5481W*37, 62H636W*39, 94000170665, 4U608W, 94000170765, 94000170865, 4U606W*46, 4U608W*46, 4U609W*46, 62H636W*37, PHL564S*37, PHL564W*37, PEK1380W-L*40, PEK1380W-R*40, PAK507RC*59, PAK557W*59, 94000174366, 61C931W*03, POH777K*00, POH777S*00, POH777W*00, PAJ521W*02, PAJ558W*02, EHC940U, PAJ509RC*02, POH776K*00, POH776S*00, POH776W*00, 75C986S*00, 75C986W*00, PAF521W*00, PHE564CW, PHE564CB, PHE564CBK, POE763W4W, POE763BK4BK, PAF808W, EG2FCW, FEO1CBL, FEO1CSS, FEO1CW, FEPMFCBL, FEPMFCSS, FEPMFCW, FECC4RBL, FECC4RSS, FECC4RW, ESPAFCW, ESR2AFCW, ESR2FCW, ESR2MFCW, ESRAFCW, ESRFCW, RET9AFCBL, RET9AFCW, RET9FCW, POF763W*03, POF763K*03, 943253530, 943253531, POLARIS, 4U605W*37, APOLLO, 4U606W*37, ALPHA, 4U608W*37, JUPITER, 4U609W*37, PAK806W*37, PAK808W*37, 943253533, PHE222W, PHE222K, PHE284B, PHE284K, PHE284W, POF763W, POF763BK, PAF808W*02, PAF808W*03, PHR222U, 949163187, 949163088, 75C986S*09, 75C986W*09, 64G985U, 949163000, PHE222B, WFE946SB, 940001854, PHE394W*00, PHE394K*00, EHS8675P, 949591169, 75B982B*02, 75B982W*02, 61D931W*00, PAJ509RC*00, PAJ521W*00, PAJ558W*00, PHN284U, PHM798U, PHP222U, PAK558W*37, PHM222U, PPN778S*45, PPN776W*45, PSN632S*40, PPN776S*45, PPN776W*46, PPN778W*46, PPN776S*47, PPN776W*47, PPN778S*47, PSN632S*37, PPN776S*46, PSN632W*40, EHET96BS, PPN778W*47, PPN778W*45, PPN778S*46, PSN632W*37, PHH394U*00, PHM394U, PAJ558W*13, EEC1380W-R, 66E207S, 61D931W*15, PAJ509RC*03, PAJ509RC*10, 61D931W*03, 66E202W, PAJ509RC*13, PSJ633S, PAJ558W*03, PAJ558W*10, 61D931W*05, PAJ558W*11, EUC5350W*04, PAJ521W*03, 66E207W, 66E204W, PAJ521W*10, PAJ521W*13, 51D931W*04, EUC5390W*03, EUC5390W*04, EEC1380W-L, 75C986S*10, 75C986W*11, POH777W*11, 75C986W*10, 75C986S*11, POH777W*10, POH777S*11, POH777S*10, POH777K*11, POH777K*10, PHH394U*10, 64C994U*10, EEC1380W-R*03, EEC1380W-L*03, EUC5350W, EUC5390W, EECR054W, EECL054W, 85E726W, 85E726S, PAJ509RC*15, PAJ509RC*16, PAJ558W*16, PAJ558W*15, PAJ521W*15, EUC5390W*05, PAJ521W*16, EUC5350W*06, EUC5390W*06, EPSC631W, EPSC631S, EPCC681W*03, EPCC681S*03, EPCC681W, EPCC681S, PAK507RC, PAK509RC*35, PEK1380W-R, PAK509RC, PSN632S, PSN632W, EBC5481W, PAK558W, PAK557W, PEK1370W-L, PAK509RC*32, PAK558W*32, EBC5481W*35, PEK1380W-L*32, PAK558W*35, PSP632S, PAK509RC*03, PEK1380W-L, 62H636W*32, PEK1380W-R*32, EBC5481W832, 62H636W, PEK1370W-R, PEK1370W-L*43, PEK1370W-R*43, PPN776S*04, PPN776W*04, PPN778S*04, PPN778W*04, PPN776W*32, PPN778W*32, PPN776S, PPN776W, PPN778S, PPN778W, PSN632W*32, EHET66AS*45, PHL564W*32, PHL285W*32, EHET66AS, PHL668U*45, EOB6790X, EHC644U, PHL668U, EHEC65AS, EHET96AS, EHX643U, ESE6634S, EUC5350W*05, PSP632W, WLE645WA PNC 94000182117

  • $78.00

  • Ex Tax: $70.91