4812 817 18529 fac309 carbon filter whirlpool rangehood

4812 817 18529 carbon filter whirlpool rangehood 235mm x 46mm. It has a 'keyway' in the middle, and mounts by pushing and truning. (bayonet)

aka FAC309. Comes with a time-strip to indicate when its time to replace the filter.

suits whirlpool models: AKB0861X, AKB086IX, AKG768, AKG952NB, AKG953NB, AKG954, AKG955, AKG989, AKR412, AKR612, AKR616, AKR630, AKR632, AKR633, AKR683, AKR699, AVM959.

fits many euro brands and models including Electolux, Bauknecht, Indesit, Rosieres, Scholtes, models

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