481236248004 Washing Machine Motor Brush 2-Pack Whirlpool GENUINE Part

Part Number 481236248004 Motor Brush 2-Pack to suit Whirlpool Washing Machine  

Maytag and Whirlpool parts may be cross-compatible with each other

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Carbon dimensions are 36mm long x 5mm thickness x 13mm wide. Mounting holes are 24mm apart. Locating spikes 18.5mm apart. Mounting holes 19mm back from front end of brushholder. Front locating spike is 9mm from front of brushholder. These Carbon brushes which can be used to replace many European front loader motor brushes on machines from AEG, Whirlpool, Electrolux & Zanussi.

May be known by other part numbers including: 151613, 481236248004, 481236248446, 50216397-00/5, 1738319, 1731599, 1617649

Suits Models: WFB2000GB07, WFB2005AU20, WVF2402AU01, WFB2005AU31, WFB2005AU27, WFB2005AU22, WFB2005AU36, WFB4000AU07, WFB3201AU02, WFB2005AU33, WFB1605AU15, WFB3200AU01, WFB1605AU/33, WFB1605AU20, WFB2005AU30, WVF2402AU02, WFB3200AU02, WFB3201AU01, WFB2005AU26, WFB4001AU01, WFB4001AU02, WFB1605AU12, WFB2005AU16, WFB1605AU16, WFB1605AU22, WFB1605AU26, WFB1605AU27, WFB1605AU30, WFB1605AU33, WFB1605AU36, WFB2000AU01, WFB2000AU07, WFB2000AU12, WFB2005AU12, WFB2005AU15, AWM8143, MAF6512AAW, AWM5100, AWO3561, AMW8143, AWM6100, WFE1485BD

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