61006079 Fridge Heater and Thermostat

61006079 Defrost Heater & Thermostat Assembly - Long - Maytag Parts

Approximately 260mm long.

May also fit some models of Amana and Admiral.

May be known by other part numbers including: 266836, 1546758, 1774806, 1617367

Suits Models: GS2726CEGW GS2726CEHQ, GC2220DEGB, GC2227CDFB, GC2227CDFW, GC2227DEDB, GC2227DEDW, GC2227EAD3, GC2227EAD5, GC2227EED0, GC2227EED3, GC2227EED5, GC2227SDFB, GC2227SDFW, GC2228EED3, GC2228EED5, GC2228EED9, GC2228EEDB, GC2228EEDW, GC2228GEH3, GC2228GEH5, GC2228GEH9, GC2228GEHB, GC2228GEHW, GC2229GEHB, GC2229GEHW, GC2327PEDB, GC2327PEDW, GC2328PED3, GC2328PED5, GS2726CEDB, GS2726CEDW, GS2726CEGW, GS2726CEHQ, GS2726CIDW, GS2727EAD1, GS2727EADW, GS2727EED1, GS2727EED3, GS2727EED5, GS2727EEDB, GS2727GAH1, GS2727GEH3, GS2727GEHB, GS2727GEHW, GS2728EEDB, GS2728EEDW, GS2728GEHB, GS2728GEHQ, GS2728GEHW, GS2787EKDA, GS2788EKDA, GS2788EKDQ, GS2788GKHQ, GS2928EEDB, GS2928EEDW, GS2987EKDA, GZ2727GEHQ, K3965X0, KF57U55, KF57U56, KFU5755, KG57U95SKD, KG66U55, KG66U920, KGU57990KD, KGU6655, KGU66920, KGU6695, KGU66990, MZ2727EEGB, MZ2727EEGW, R226D011, RISBS620PN, RISBS620RB, S60STRP, S61STRP, SRA22B, SRA23BN, TRIS245BBW, TRIS245FBW, AS2728GIHB, AS2728GIHW, AZ2727GIHB, AZ2727GIHW, GS2727EEDW, GZ2727GEHB, GC2227EED1, GS2727GAHI, KGU6699015, GC2227EE, GC2227GEH1, GZ2727GEHW

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