61006152 Fridge Heater and Thermostat Whirlpool GENUINE Part

61006152 Defrost Heater & Thermostat - Short Maytag Whirlpool Fridge 190mm Long

May be known by other part numbers including: 61004311, 1548655, 1618119, 1907343, 1548655

Suits Models: GS2526CEDW, JS2SW, GS2327, GEHWGS2526CEDW, AS2125CIHW, AS2125SIHW, AS2126PIHW, GS2121IEDW, GS2121NEDA, GS2121NEDW, GS2121SDEW, GS2121SEDW, GS2123SDFW, GS2124IDEW, GS2124PADB, GS2124PADW, GS2124SEDA, GS2124SEDW, GS2125CEEW, GS2125SEEW, GS2126CEDB, GS2126CEDW, GS2126PEDA, GS2126PEDW, GS2127CADW, GS2127PAHB, GS2182NKGQ, GS2182NKGW, GS2324PEDW, GS2326CEDW, GS2327EADW, GS2327EEDW, GS2327GEHW, GS2327PEHQ, GS2387PKDA, GS2526CEDB, GS2528PEDW, GS2588EKFQ, GS2588PKDQ, RS21011, RS23D011, GS2126PADB, GS2127CAHW, GS2127CADW15, GS2127PADW, GS2126PADW, GS2127CAHB, GS2127PAHW

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