6871A30009R Air Conditioner Display PCB LG GENUINE Part

6871A30009R LG Air Conditioner Remote Receiver Board
PART NUMBER:6871A30009R, REPLACE 6870A90022A

It is located at front of indoor unit

Easy to replace

Suit to LG MODELS:

LM-1830C2L, LM-1830H2L, LM-2430C2L, LM-2430H2L, LS-J0910CL, LS-J0962HM, LS-K1830CL, LS-K1830CM, LS-K1830HL, LS-K1830HM, LS-K2430CL, LS-K2430CM, LS-K2430HL, LG-K2460CL ,LS-K2430HM, LSNJ0910CL, LSNJ0910CM, LSNJ0910HL, LSNK1830CL, LSNK1830CM, LSNK1830HL, LSNK1830HM, LSNK2430CL, LSNK2430HL, MSH-118, LS-K2422CL

May be known by other part numbers including: 1510910, 1510891, 699154

  • Brand: LG
  • Product Code: 6871A30009R
  • $57.38

  • Ex Tax: $52.16