806890409 Oven Upper Element 1960/870W Smeg GENUINE Part

Part Number 806890409 Upper Element 1960/870W to suit Smeg Oven 

Items listed for Wall Ovens may be suitable for Upright stoves, Cooktops and freestanding ranges. Omega, Smeg and Blanco parts may be cross-compatible with each other.

Online Appliance Parts can supply a complete range of Genuine Smeg Spare Parts. If you can't find the spare part you are looking for, please contact us and we'll be happy to help you.

May be known by other part numbers including: 1679988, 10779, 806890262, 806890278, IM93-07

Suits Models: 05-203105, A2, A2-2, A2-5, A2A, A2A-2, A2A-5, A2AD, A2D, A2D-5, A41, A41A, A41D, A41D-5, ALFA50X, ALFA51X, ALFA51XGN, AP410X, AP420X, APF2B/1, APF2N/1, APF6B/1, APF6N/1, B71MPX5, C7GPX, C92GPX, C92IPX, CP60IX, CP60X, CP60X6, CP60X7, CS20, CS20FB, CS20FB-2, CS20NL, CS20NLA, CS71, CS71-5, CS71BE, CS71BE-5, CS71NL, CS71NL-5, CSA20, EBH7140B, EBH7140W, EBH7140X, EBH7143B, EBH7143W, F166, F170, F170P, F170P-5, FA166, FA170, FI170P, FI170P-5, HE2595B, HE2595X, ISO610, JRS30GIBB, JRS30GIBS, JRS30GIBW, KE250X, KE280X, KE455X, KE485X, NUR280X, S1085MF1, S1085MFA1, S1085MFA5, S1085MFP1, S1085MFP5, S1085MFV1, S10XMF/1, S1100MF5, S1100MFB5, S1100MFX5, S2010MF1, S2010MF-5, S2010MFB1, S2010MFB5, S2010MFP5, S2010MFX1, S2010MFX5, S285PMF5, S285PMFB5, S285PMFX5, S340/1, S340-5, S340EB/1, S340EB-5, S350X/1, S350X-5, S350XB, S351X, S360X/T, S365X, S365X-1, S370/1, S370AV-1, S370EB/1, S370EB/T, S370EB/T2, S380X/1, S380X/T, S380X/T2, S381X, S399X, S400/1, S400EB/1, S500/1, S500EB/1, S500X/1, S550/1, S550-5, S550EB/1, S550X/1, S551X, S551X-5, SA1010X-5, SA206X, SA208X, SA210P, SA210X/1, SA240X, SA250X, SA280X, SA280X/1, SA360EB/1, SA375EB, SA375X, SA380X/3, SA385X, SA386W, SA386X, SA392EB/1, SA392NE/1, SA398X/1, SA410EB, SA410X, SA420EB, SA420X, SA420X/1, SA650EB1, SA650NE1, SA850P, SA850X, SA850X/1, SA920MF/2, SA920MFA1, SA920MFW2, SC2010MFB, SC2010MFW, SC2010MFX, SCB61MPX5, SCB64MPX5, SCB64MPX6, SCB66MPX5, SCB92MPN, SCB92MPRW, SCB92MPX5, SCD61MPX5, SCE61MPX5, SCE64MPX5, SCE66MPX5, SDK1055X, SDK250X, SDK455X, SDK500XM1, SE100NE/1, SE101X, SE1055X, SE105EB/1, SE105NE/1, SE105X/1, SE1066MFX, SE106EB/1, SE106NE/1, SE106X/1, SE106X-5, SE108EB/1, SE108NE/1, SE108X-1, SE10XMF/1, SE2010MAZ, SE2010MBL, SE2010MF, SE2010MFB, SE2010MFP, SE2010MFX, SE2010MVA, SE2010MVS, SE2010XK, SE206EB/1, SE206GB, SE206NE/1, SE206X/1, SE206X/T, SE208X, SE210AZ/1, SE210B/1, SE210EB/1, SE210EB-5, SE210NE/1, SE210NE-5, SE210P, SE210P-5, SE210VA/1, SE210VA-5, SE210VS/1, SE210X/1, SE210X-5, SE210XT-5, SE240X, SE250X, SE250X-1, SE250XUK, SE280MF, SE280MF1, SE280MF-5, SE280MFB, SE280MFB1, SE280X, SE280X-5, SE285PMF, SE285PMFB, SE285PMFX, SE286X, SE290X, SE290X-5, SE320-5, SE320EB-5, SE320X/C, SE320XC-5, SE330B/1, SE330EB/1, SE335BL, SE335BR, SE335GR, SE335SS, SE335SS/1, SE335SS-5, SE335WH, SE335WH-5, SE340/1, SE340EB/1, SE340EBC, SE360/C, SE360EB/C, SE360X/C, SE365MF/1, SE365MFB1, SE365MFX, SE375MEB1, SE375MF/1, SE375MFB1, SE375MFG, SE375MFG1, SE380X/1, SE385MF/1, SE385MFB1, SE392MF/1, SE392MFB1, SE398X/1, SE398X-5, SE399LX, SE399LX-5, SE460X, SE465X, SE485X, SE485X-5, SE598X, SE598X-5, SE650MF1, SE650MFB1, SE810MF/1, SE810MFB1, SE820MF/1, SE820MFB1, SE90/1, SE900, SE900X, SE910MFA, SE910MFB1, SE910MFF1, SE910MFP, SE910MFP5, SE910MFV1, SE96/1, SE96EB/1, SE96MB/1, SE96X/1, SI2010MFX, SI2011MX5, SI800, SI800A, SI800AV, SI800EB, SI800MEB5, SI800MF, SI800MF-5, SI800MFA, SI800MFA5, SI800MFEB, SI800MFP, SI800MFP5, SI800P, SI800V, SI850A, SI850GB, SI850P, SI850X, SIL206EB1, SIL206NE1, SIL206X, SIL250EB, SIL250X, SIL650MF, SM800-5, SM800A-5, SM800MEB1, SM800MF/1, SM800MFA1, SM800MFB1, SM800MFP1, SM800MFV1, SNZ360SS, SNZ360W, SO66CAS, SO66CAS.1, SO66CAS-5, SO66CCS, SO66CCS.1, SO66CSS, SO66CSS.1, SO66CSS-5, SO66PMFA, SO66PMFA5, SO66PMFP, SO66PMFP5, SO66PMFX, SO66PMFX5, SP680MFA1, SP680MFD1, SP680MFG1, SP680MFW1, SP7800A, SP7800A/1, SP7800P, SP7800P/1, SP9000B/1, SP9000BR1, SP9000G/1, SP9000W/1, SP9000X/1, SUK61CPX5, SUK61IPX5, SUK61MPX5, UK2010X, UK2010X-1, W280X, W290X, WE206EB/1, WE206NE/1, WE206X/1, WE320-5, WE320EB-5, WE320X/C, WE320XC-5, WE360/C, WE360EB/C, WE360X/C, WE392, WE392-5, WE392EB, WE398X, WE800A, WE800GB, WE800MF, WE800MF/1, WE800MFB1, WE800MFEB

  • Brand: Smeg
  • Product Code: 806890409
  • $84.95

  • Ex Tax: $77.23