836848 Fridge Water Filter F&P Fisher & Paykel GENUINE Part

Part Number 836848 Fisher and Paykel Fridge Water Filter - Original Genuine

The original and Genuine Fisher and Paykel Fridge Filter to suit virtually all Fisher and Paykel Fridges.

For a cheaper equivalent replacement, see WF306.

May be known by other part numbers including: 1546980, WF306

Suits Models: E522, E522BRXFDU3, RF610ADUX3, E522BRXFDU5, RF522WDRUX5, RF610ADUSX5, RF610ADUSX5F, RF522ADUSX5, E4428, E442BRXFDU5, E522BLXU3, HSBS562IS, E442BRXFDU3, ES22B, RF90A180DU, RF522ADUX1, RF610ADUX1, E442BRXFDU, E442BRMFDU, RF522ADUX4, E522BRXU (23205-A), RF522AUDX1, E522BRMU, E522BRMFDU, R0185011, E522BRXFDU, E402BRE, E442BR, E442BRT, E442BRE, E442BL, E442BRXFD (21959-C), E442BA, E402BLS, E402BRXFD, E402BLE 21780-D (E402BLE G WH), E402BR, E402BLE 21780-A, E402BLE 21780-B, E402BLE 21780-C, E402BRE4, HFD647WISS, E442BRXFDU2, E442BRXFDU4, E442BXFDU, E522BR, E522BRE, E522BR1, E522BLX, E522BLT, E522BRM, E522BRX4, E522BRX, E522BRE3, E522BLXFDU3, E522BLXFDU4, E522BRXFDU4, E522BRXU3, E522BRXU4, E522BXFDU, E522BXU, RF522WDLUX1, RF522WDLUX4, RF522WDRUX1, RF522WDRUX4, RF610ADUSX4, RF522ADUSX4, RF610A, RF610ADUX, E402B, E522B, E442B, HSBS562, RF60ADUM, RF522A, RF522W, RF522WDLUX5, RF610ADUX2, RF610ADUM, E522BEW

  • $58.95

  • Ex Tax: $53.59

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