838362P Fridge Glass Shelf Fisher & Paykel GENUINE Part

838362P Glass Shelf Assembly Fisher & Paykel 635 Fridge
Glass Shelf - Silver Trim
For 635mm Width Cabinets

Glass refrigerator shelf with silver trim.

Dimensions: width 560mm x depth 340mm.

Suitable for stainless and iridium door refrigerators. Models E450, E331T, E372B, E381T, E402B, E411T, C450.

Note: This part can also be used instead of part number 881166 which is no longer available. Part 881166 was a plastic cabinet shelf to suit 635mm width refrigerator cabinets models:

N395B, N369B, N325T, N405T, N420T
E402B, E411T, E415H
E372B, E381T, E331T

May be known by other part numbers including: 836806,  FP836806, FP881166, 881166, FP881297, 881297, FP882205, 882205, 1907119, 1649843, 1546868, 1653703

Suits Models: C365H, 635, E450, N420T, E411T, E415H, C410B, 450RXFD 22106-M, C390T, E402BLE 21780-D (E402BLE G WH), E381T, E372BLE G FP WH (23509-A), E402B, N369B, C335T, C373, C370, E331T, N405T, N395B, C420T, N375T, N325T, C450, E372B

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