ACC035 BBQ Heavy Duty BBQ Hot Plate Liner 40x50 Universal

Part Number ACC035 Heavy Duty BBQ Hot Plate Liner 40x50 Universal BBQ

(previously known as part number BBQ001)

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This non-stick cover goes over the hotplate and prevents food from sticking, reducing cleaning.  Sold by Electrolux, this product is safe to use on all BBQ's.

May be known by other part numbers, including: 1878070, ACC035, ACC013

Suits Models: EQBM75LAS 958489018 EQBM75HAS 958489017 EQBM120LAS 958489020 EQBM120HAS 958489019 EQBM12AS 958489022 EQBM75AS 958489021

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