AS00000727 Goblet Complete, Food Processor, Kenwood. Genuine Part

Goblet Complete to suit Kenwood Food Processor

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May be known by other part numbers including: 2575552

Suits Models: 0W22010073 FDP65.590SI INT KENWOOD, 0W22010079 FDP65.620SI IL KENWOOD, 0W22010074 FDP65.820SI INT KENWOOD, 0W22010078 FDP65.880SI GCC KENWOOD, 0W22010076 FDP65.400WH GCC KENWOOD, 0W22010072 FDP65.450WH INT KENWOOD, 0W22010080 FDP65.560WH IL KENWOOD, 0W22010075 FDP65.640WH INT KENWOOD, 0W22010077 FDP65.750WH GCC KENWOOD, 0W22010087 FDP65.890SI AU, NZ KENWOOD, 0W22010081 FDP65.630WH IL KENWOOD, 0W22010086 FDP65.740WH AU, NZ KENWOOD, 0W22010085 FDP65.860WH GB, MY KENWOOD, 0W22010084 FDP65.880SI EG KENWOOD, 0W22010082 FDP65.400WH EG KENWOOD, 0W22010083 FDP65.750WH EG KENWOOD, 0W22011054 FDM71.450SS INT KENWOOD, 0W22010097 FDP65.180SI GB, MY KENWOOD, 0W22011064 FDM71.450SS GB KENWOOD, 0W22011061 FDM71.570SS IL KENWOOD, 0W22011057 FDM71.690SS GCC KENWOOD, 0W22011060 FDM71.690SS EG KENWOOD, 0W22011062 FDM71.870SS IL KENWOOD, 0W22011055 FDM71.900SS INT KENWOOD, 0W22011063 FDM71.940SS EG KENWOOD, 0W22011056 FDM71.960SS INT KENWOOD, 0W22011065 FDM71.960SS GB KENWOOD, 0W22011066 FDM71.970SS AU, NZ KENWOOD, 0W22011058 FDM71.980SS GCC KENWOOD, 0W22010098 FDP65.400WH KR KENWOOD

  • Brand: Kenwood
  • Product Code: AS00000727
  • $36.91

  • Ex Tax: $33.55