CRC-2066 Genuine CRC Air Brush 1X300G

CRC-2066 Genuine CRC Air Brush 1X300G

CRC Air Brush Dust & Lint Remover supplies a powerful burst of compressed pure propellant gas to safely remove dust and lint from all delicate precision equipment and hard-to-reach areas. It is versatile and handy and should be part of every servicing kit ideal for offsite servicing when compressed air is not available.


Recommended for use on electronics, PC boards, radio/cassette/CD players, keyboards, aerospace, avionics lenses, photography/optics, carburettor, jets, tuning equipment, microscopes and telescopes


Ideal for offsite servicing of cash and ticket vending machines and other equipment if compressed air is not available. Non-abrasive, non-corrosive, moisture free, leaves no residue. Safe on all plastics. Non-flammable RoHS Compliant.

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