DC34-00026A Genuine Samsung Front Load Washer Door Interlock Switch WD10J8420GWSA WW11K8412OW

DC34-00026A Genuine Samsung Front Load Washer Door Interlock Switch  WD10J8420GWSA WW11K8412OW

Suits Samsung Washing Machine models: WD10J8420GWSA/0000, WD12J8400GWEU/0000, WD75J5410AWSA, WD75J5410AWSA/0000, WD75J5410AWSA/0001, WD75K5410OWNZ/0000, WD85K6410OWNZ/0000, WD85N74FNORSA/0000, WD85N74FNORSA/0001, WW10H8430EWSA, WW10H8430EWSA/0000, WW11K8412OW, WW11K8412OWSA/0000, WW11K8412OWSA/0001, WW11K8412OWSA/0002, WW85H7410EWSA/0000, WW85H7410EWSA/0001, WW85H7410EWSA/0002, WW85K6410QXSA/0000, WW85K6410QXSA/0001, WW85M64FOPWSA/0000, WW85M74FNOOSA/0000, WW85M74FNORSA/0000, WW85M74GNORSA/0000, WW95N54F5CWSA/0000, WW95N54F5PWSA/0000, WW95N64FRPWSA/0000, WW95N64FRPWSA/0001

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Alternate number: 1924539

  • Brand: Samsung
  • Product Code: DC34-00026A
  • $106.61

  • Ex Tax: $96.92