TC-00060 Tricleanium Ultra Concentrated Cleaner 400g

TC-00060 Tricleanium Ultra Concentrated Cleaner 400g

Description: Tricleanium Ultra Concentrated Cleaner 400g TC-00060

Tricleanium is the most effective agent available for thorough cleaning jobs and surface preparation prior to painting or wallpapering.

Goes much further than sugar soap & other similar cleaners.

Industrial power. 

Cleans dirt, grease, mould & smoke.

General cleaning & pre-painting.

Cleans washable surfaces without scratching or corrosion.

Size: 400g


Use inside the house: 

Before painting, especially to clean smoke stained or greasy walls in the kitchen area.

Before wallpapering or to assist in the removal of wallpaper glue.

On internal walls, ceilings, floors, bench tops, tiles, slate, stainless steel, stoves, frypans, range hoods, exhaust fan covers, baths, showers, musty washing machines, glass, windows, fridges, cupboards, shelves, oven trays, home brewing equipment, or where concentrated cleaning power or degreasing is required.


Use outside the house:

Weatherboards, external woodwork and brickwork, BBQ and hotplates, windows, awnings and external blinds, tapaulins, tonneau covers, boats, other watercraft and greasy engine parts.

Use on grease and oil stains on driveways and concrete floors. On embedded oil stains make a thick paste and leave on for at least 30 minutes before washing off.

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