ZE050 Genuine Electrolux Vacuum Adaptor 32mm OXY3 Z82-SERIES Z8810 Z8899

ZE050 Genuine Electrolux Vacuum Adaptor 32mm OXY3 Z82-SERIES Z8810 Z8899

Suits Electrolux Vacuums models: Z8810, Z8899, Z8810P, Z8871P, Z8830T, Z8860T, ZUS3385, ZUS3386, ZUS3392, ZUS3394, ZUS3396, ZUSG3900, ZUS3920, ZUS3990, ZUS3940P, ZUS3970P, ZUS3980P, ZUAG3800, ZUA3810, ZUA3820, ZUA3820P, ZUA3840, ZUA3860, ZUA3810P, ZUA3830P, ZUA3830PT, Z8220, Z8221, Z8225, Z8228, Z8230, Z8232, Z8235, Z8240, Z8241, Z8245, Z8268, Z8272, Z8277, Z8280, Z8225V, ZO6320, ZO6323, ZO6324, ZO6327, ZO6330, ZO6331, ZO6341, ZO6344, ZO6345, ZO6346, ZO6350, ZO6352, ZO6354, Z7344, Z7350, Z7351, 7320KRE, 7350/KRE, ZUC4101AF, ZUC4102ANC, ZUC4102PET, ZUC4103DEL

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