ACC050 Air Conditioner Remote Universal Kelvinator GENUINE Part

ACC050 Remote Control Kelvinator Air Conditioners

Online Appliance parts can supply a complete range of replacement parts for Kelvinator Appliances. If you are unsure whether this part is the correct one for your model, please email us. We're happy to help. 

This universal remote is known to suit almost all Kelvinator air-conditioners, and more from other brands.

May be known by other part numbers including: 671120011E, 671120012M, 6711A20073V, 671120012A, 671120010D, 0367820042, 6711A20013U, 671120010B, 0367820058, 0367820057, 671120010F, 6711A20010N, 6711A20013W, AKB73315608, AKB74375404, 1681779, 1550064, 1550262, 1550377, 1550261, 1550065, 1550216, 694279, 1550550, 1549508, 6943, 1548923, 1550505, 1547171, 1549386, 1548081, 1552710, 15480, 1550103, 1550217

Suits Models: KSC10G, LS-K2468CM, LS-K2420HL, LS-K2467HM, KSR10G, LS-M3063HL, KSC20C, KSC25C, LS-M3063CL, KSR20E, LS-K1860HM, KSR15D, LS-K1860CL, LS-K1860HL, LS-W246KMBO, LS-K2420CL, KSE26CRB, ESD30HRA, ESD24HRA, KWH26CRC, 950132936, KWH26HRA, KWH26CRB, KWH26CRA, KWH26HRE, 950001234, KWH26HRC, 950132937, KWH26HRB, KSE35HRB, KSE26CRA, KSE26HRA, KSV26HRA, LS-T186AEM, LS-T246LEM, KSC35G, LS-M306LDL, LS-M306LEL, KSR35FG, LS-M3064EL, KSR10E, LS-R126AEL, KSC15G, KSR20D, KSR20G, KSC25F, KSC20F, KSC15F-01, KSC20F-01, KSC25F-01, KSR25F-01, KSR20F-01, KSR15F-01, KSR20F, KSR25F, KSR35F, AS-W1863RH1 (ASNW1863RH1.AMRBLAP), LSZ092VM-5, LSZ244VT-5, LSZ122VM-5, LSZ182VM-4, LSZ244VM-4, LSZ092VM-4, LSZ122VM-4, LSZ244VM-6, LSK244V-3, KSR27IG, KSR20C, LST243C-2, KSR25F01, KSR15G, KSR25C, KSR25E, KSR24G, KRS24G, KSC10E, KSR10C, KSR27G, KSR35G, KSR27FG, KSR10F, KSR15F, KSC35F

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