ACULTRAPLUS Air Conditioner Remote Control Universal

Part Number ACULTRAPLUS Remote Control Universal Air Conditioner

The fourth generation Ultra Plus is the most compatible A/C remote on the market today. It was designed and engineered for many Australian A/C units unlike the off-the-shelf Chinese imports. This remote will work with thousands of different A/C units, both split systems and window units.​

the Ultra Plus works with most Air Conditioners in Australia.  However, we are unable to tell you with 100% certainty if it will work with any particular model as we do not have this information.  Chances are it will, the only way to find out is to try it.  Please understand there are hundreds and hundreds of brand names with thousands of different models.  Trying to classify all these different units and document the results is beyond anyone's capabilities.  We will say the Ultra Plus works with 98% of the Air Conditioners in Australia.  If your Air Conditioner is over 15 years old please let us know and we may have another option.

There is also a Money back guarantee if it doesn't suit your air conditioner. 

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Compatible with over 1000 Air Conditioning units including Australian and International brands. Complete with timer/clock option and batteries included. Brands include Airwell, Carrier, Daikin, Electra, Electrolux, Emailair, Fujitsu, GREE, Hayer, Hitachi, LG, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Samsung, Sanyo, SHARP, TLC, TECO, Trane, Uni-Air, YORK and many more.

The new Ultra Plus remote has replaced the ever popular AC-Ultra with more Australian codes ensuring more compatibility with virtually all Australian Air Conditioners.

  • Airwell, Electra and Email now included
  • Easy three minute programming
  • Over 1,000 different codes available for over 10,000 different models!
  • Has temperature selection, fan speed, wind direction controls and clock function

Please note: just because your brand isn’t listed doesn’t mean the Ultra will not work. It works with most modern air conditioners on the market today.

May be known by other part numbers including: 1807246, 1754629, 1511480, 1555151

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  • Ex Tax: $60.00