BW-LCD TV Universal Remote Universal

The BW-LCD universal remote control features the largest infrared code library for European and Australian markets. Based on our (patent pending) creative design, it has the easiest and fastest way to "set up
directly" by the brand name and code no. in it's LCD screen.
The BW-LCD universal remote control works with most brands of Televisions (TV), DVD-players (DVD), DVR-players(DVD), DVB (CBL/SAT), (digital) Satellite receivers (CBL/SAT), Cable box (CBL/SAT), Video Recorders (VCR), Tuner receivers (TUNER), Tape receivers (TAPE), CD-players (CD), Audio amplifiers (AMP) and other Audio (AUX).
The universal remote control operates all main functions of your BW-LCD device.  You can use "Auto Search" to scan the code library if yourdevice is not listed.  BW-LCD can "learn" a new code from an original remote control. "FAV channel setup": can store a list of up to 15 favorite channels, in any order, they are immediately scanned when you press FAV.  "Sleep timer" function: can turn off the device automatically on apreset time which you can program 0-99 minutes. "TIMER" function: can turn on or off the device automatically on a preset time which you can program any time in 24 hours. "Keyboard lock" to lock all keys, then no operation can be done. "All off" function can switch off all your devices with one button. "Macro" function makes several sequent operations with one button for your home theater "Volume lock" can fix VOL+/VOL- button to control Amplifier only for your home theater. "Device lock" can fix the device set up until you unlock it.BW-LCD has a backlight for LCD screen and separate device 
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