DC64-00561A Washing Machine Door Handle Wh Samsung GENUINE Part

DC64-00561A Samsung Front Loader Door Handle White

Samsung front loader door handle.

Silver version of this handle is available under the part number - DC64-00561D

Suits models including: B1045, B1245, J1045, J1055, J1255, J1455, J845, Q1435 (More in the list below)

May be known by other part numbers including: 1170050, 277321, 1541437, 1511157, 1542951, 1535903, 1534196, 277322, 1543238, 1715006, 1441873

Suits Models: B1045 - B1045IW/XSA, B1245 - B1245IW/XSA, J1045 - J1045IW/XSA - J1045IW/YMI - J1045IW1/XSA, J1055 - J1055IW/XSA - J1055IW1/XSA, J1255 - J1255IW/XSA, J1455 - J1455IW/XSA, J845 - J845IW/XSA - J845IW/YMI - J845IW1/XSA, Q1435 Q1435GW1/XSA, J1045IW1/XSA, J845IW1/XSA, B1045AV, J843IW/XSA, J845IW/XSA, J1045IW/XSA, J1045IW-XSA, J1055IW/XSA, B1045IW-XSA, SRS584DP, Q1435GW1/XSA, J1255IW/XSA, J1045VSC, J1455IW/XSA, B1245IW/XSA (B1245)

  • Brand: Samsung
  • Product Code: DC64-00561A
  • $12.95

  • Ex Tax: $11.77

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DC64-00561D Washing Machine Door Handle Samsung GENUINE Part

DC64-00561D Washing Machine Door Handle Samsung GENUINE Part

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