DC64-01538A Washing Machine Door Lock front laoder Samsung GENUINE Part

Part Number DC64-01538A Door Lock Front Loader to suit Samsung Washing Machine 

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May be known by other part numbers including: 1678561

Suits Models: P1053GWXEC, P1270GW P1270GWXEG, P1271GWXEG P1271GW, P1281GW P1281GWXEG, P1291, P1470GW P1470GWXEG, P1471GWXEG P1471GW, P1481GW, P1481GWXEG, P1491GW P1491GWXEG, WD8702RJAXEF, WD8702RJAXEP, WD8702RJHXEC, WD8704CJZXSG, WD8704DJAXST, WD8704DJF WD8704DJFXEO, WD8704DJF WD8704DJFYAH, WD8704EJA WD8704EJAXEE, WD8704EJA WD8704EJAXFA, WD8704EJA WD8704EJAXSA, WD8704EJZ WD8704EJZXFA, WD8704REG WD8704REGXSC, WD8704RER WD8704RERXSC, WD8704RJA WD8704RJAXEU, WD8704RJD WD8704RJDXEU, WD8752CJF WD8752CJFXSE, WD8754CJFXTC, WD8754CJZ WD8754CJZXSC, WD8754CJZXTL, WD8754RJA WD8754RJAXSC, WF-0604NBEXEE, WF-0804Y8EXEF, WF-0804Y8EXET, WF-1474GW WF1474GWXEG, WF-7602NAWXEE, WF-7604NAWXEE, WF-7604NAWXEN, WF-7702NAWXEF, WF-8502NGWXEE, WF-8602NHWXEE, WF-8604NGWXEE, WF-8614AFVXEN, WF-8703JS WF8703JSXEG, WF-8704ASAXEE, WF-8704ASVXEE, WF-8704ASWXEE, WF-8714FPAXEN, WF-8724 WF8724GPAXEG, WF-8802RPWXEC, WF-8804DPAXEO, WF-9904EWEXEE, WF-9914AWE, J1471, WD0754W8E, WD856UHSAWQ, WD8704EJA, WD8704EJA1, WF0754W7V, WF0754W7V1, WF0854W8E, WF0854W8E1, WF1104XAC, WF1702XEC, WF1752WPC, WF1752WPW, WF1804WPC, WF756UMSAWQ, WF806U4SAWQ/TC, WF80F5E5UHW, WF856UHSAGD, WF856UHSAWQ, WF8750LSW, WF8750LSW1, WF8802RPA, WF8802RPF, WF8802RPF1, WF8802RSW, WF8802RSW1, WF9854RWE, WF9854RWE1, XSA

  • Brand: Samsung
  • Product Code: DC64-01538A
  • $49.00

  • Ex Tax: $44.55