FE-06 Oven Fan Element 2200W Universal

FE-06 2200W Fan Element Euro (Smeg Blanco) - Wilson Elements 203174, 10403, 3130406                  

Wilson Elements is an Australian owned company that strives for quality at an affordable price. Some cheaper Chinese elements do not go through stringent quality controls, Wilson Elements come with a 12 month warranty and are recommended by Electrolux.

Description: Oven fan forced element 2200watt 240volts (without bolts) suits European brands i.e Smeg, Omega, AEG, Technika, Blanco, Euromaid

Suitable to replace 1900watt - 2600watt fan forced elements - will not effect cooking times or temperatures.

May be known by other part numbers including: 062097004, 10758, 10926, 12570030, 481225998405, 524022100, 10403, R2100001, VX470000, 806890591, 806890397, 806890355, 040199009967R, 040125009903R, 10110492, 262900027, CIM51-02, 00203174, SE115, SA360X, 60-1, 9303370000, 374, VX110000, 3130406, 03800, 3432, 000715V, 040199009932R, 2323261R, 040199009950R, XS9303370300, R2100008, FE06, 20.41212.000, IM51-02, 1673736, 1869038, 1773596, 1727206, 1875270, 1789897, 1779937, 1616976, 1648971, 1713155, 1771266, 1691523, 1784920, 1779483

Compatible with Models:

Smeg models: SA280X/1 SA9065XS1 SA9065 SA310W SA310X SA306X SA710X SA310X-5 SA20XMFR SDO12-5 SA22XMF-5 SA305X-5 SA310X-6 SA995XR

Omega models: OA442 OA202W OF901XA OA252X

Technika models: GHE06TW

Blanco models: BSO629 BSO6000X BSO60X BOSE65 BSO610X BOSE960X BSO632X BSO600X BMS755X BMS604 BOSE63X BOSE633X BSO633X BMS751X BFS120X

Euromaid models: 1505TIWH 1515TISS MFSS8203174, 203174, 203174, CIM51-02, 00203174, SE115, SA360X, 60-1, 9303370000, 374, VX110000, 03432, 3130406, 03800, 03800, 3432, 000715V, 040199009932R, 2323261R, 040199009950R, XS9303370300, R2100008, FE-06, FE06, 20.41212.000, IM51-02, 203174 VX110000 Fan Forced Blanco 2200W 240V 040199009932R BSO635

More suitable models: SA280X/1, SA9065XS1, SA310W, SA310X, SA306X, SA710X, SA310X-5, SA20XMFR, SDO12-5, SA22XMF-5, SA305X-5, SA995XR, OA442, OA202W, OA252X, GHE06TW, BSO629, BSO6000X, BSO60X, BOSE65, BSO610X, BOSE960X, BSO632X, BSO600X, BMS755X, BMS604, BSO633X, BMS751X, BFS120X, 1515TISS, MFSS8203174, CIM51-02, SE115, 60-1, 9303370000, 374, 3130406, 03800, 3432, 000715V, 2323261R, 040199009950R, XS9303370300, R2100008, FE-06, FE06, 20.41212.000, 203174, VX110000, FAN, FORCED, BLANCO, 2200W, 240V, 040199009932R, BSO635, A11X-6, OA6062, SCA306X-5, 00652XA, OA-60 EUROPA, OA20X, SA365X, SA415, DE605MS, DE609MP, AP1246GWT, CMFS, DMFPS60 (F6E0DA012X), DMFPS62B, DE60E, DE60EPS, DMFPS60B, DE60MS, DE602EPS, LMFS60F, APMFS, DE60PSC, PMFPS60B, DE62MPS, DMFPS60BF, DE60PYROS, DMFPS, EMFPS 60 B(F6ET), DMFPSII, DE60MPS (F6ET), P759SS, DFF6.6SS, 00674XA, TO551X, 00671XN, TO851X, RET90SS, 00612XN, 00761XA, 00887XN, BOSE99XP, LUO79ESS, P999SS, LUO99ESS, LUDO74ESS, OO986X, LUDO44SS, 00761A1X, 0065SXA, 00885XR, OA20-1, 00910XA, 00651XA, LOO9002, 00971XN, 00971XA, DA6DOSS, 00671XA, 0067SXA, DAO9003, IOS6SE2, IOF6SE1, IUG6SE1, IOH6SE1, B6GEFTSS, IOF6WE1, IOM6SE2, IOM6SE1, EPT600S8X, GHE06TD, IOF6SE2, SA9065XS, SCA706X, SCA708X, SA705X-7, SA990XR-8, SA9010X, OFGE9MXA, OF901XZ, SA990XR, OF902XA, SA20XMFR8, C91GMXAT, SA22XMF, OF901XA, SA310X-6, SA9065, SA9066XNG, SA9065XNG, SA9066XS, SA310X5, A11A-5, SA398X/1, SA208X, A11CER-5, SA995XR-5, SA301X-5, SA710X-5, FS60XNG, FS61XNG, CSA19XLP, S600, S600EB, SA240X, SA1010MFX, FS61XLPG, FS64MFX, FS61WHNG, FA67, FS64MFXLP, FS66MFX, FS67MFX, S10XMF, SA360X/1, SA504X, SA506X, OF602XA, SDO10, SA360X, FS61MFXLP, SA360EB/1, SA301X, FS61MFX, A2, SA706X, OE606XP, BOSGG611X, BOSGG611, BOSE63X, OE606X, OE604XP, OE604GG, OE604X, BOSGG65X, BOSE635, OE608TX, OE606GG, BOSE635X, BOSE633X, BOSGG63X, BOSE65X, BLP90, 1505TIWH, BRP90, 1505TI, BMWH7, BP90GE, BMSS8, BIV90GE, BMWH8

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