LM109 Fridge Lamp 25W Bc 24Ov Clear Universal

Part Number LM109 Lamp 25W Bc 24Ov Clear Universal Fridge

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Specifications: 25W Bc 24Ov Pilot Clear

Perfect replacement for the 757394 part number.

May be known by other part numbers including: 1277649, 1617314, 1277648, 587573, 1593024, 1593978, 1592509, 1606912, 1593813, 1604196, 1600216, 1603406, 1597740, 1594722, 1604084, 1607278, 757394, ES5374

Suits Models: BJ504T*14 BJ504T*05 BJ505T BJ423T RJ422T RJ456T BJ503T BJ505T(White) RS623S RS625S RS642S RS643S C360F C360F*03 C410F C520F C520F*08 C360H C410H C520H C360H*04 C410H*06 C520H*05 C360H*08 C410H*08 C520H*08 BJ504T N620F N640F RJ532S RJ533S RJ533S*06 BJ424S BJ425S BJ504Q BJ504BQ BJ505Q BJ505BQ BJ505S RJ452T RP423Q BJ424T RJ532T RJ422S RJ452S RP423T RP381B RE371B RE421B RE501B RJ422B RJ502B RJ503B RS511B RS513B RS514B FK38B FC37B FC50B FP39C FF47B BJ414M BJ415M RE370D RE371D RE421D RE501D BJ504M BJ505M RS652G RS633G RJ525G RJ445G RJ522BG RJ412BG RJ442BG RE441G RE521G RE391G RP423G RJ522G RJ412G RJ442G BJ503S BJ503S*06 BJ425T RJ505EA RJ422E RJ392E RJ425EA RJ422EA RE371EA RE371E RJ502E RE501E RE421E RE370E RJ522Q RJ522BQ RJ453S RJ412K RJ442K RJ522K BJ414K*6 BJ415K*6 BJ504K*6 BJ505K*6 RJ422v RE391S RE521S RE521T RJ412M RJ442M RJ522M BJSO3T BJ414Q BJ415Q RE521M RS652M RS652M*4 RS652M*6 RE391T RP423K RJ533T RE521K RJ442Q RB421S RP423M BJ423S BJ423S*06 RP423M*01 RS652M*1 RS652M*2 RS614D RS631D RB501M RE370C RS652K RJ412Q RJ536T BJ5O6T MA290T MA290T01 ME280T ME280T01 ME340T ME460T MJ360T RE441S RB501K RE391Q RP423G-2 BJ4150 RJ412K*6 RJ442K*6 RJ522K*6 RA291T RE281T RE351T RE461T RJ401T RJ462T RJ453T BJ506T

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