LM201 Fridge Lamp Pilot 15W Ses Universal

Part Number LM201 Lamp Pilot 15W Ses Universal Fridge 

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Suitable replacement for lamp part 206090.

May be known by other part numbers, including: 1617844, 161861, 1794896, 1050074, 206090, 5080900, LM201LED, RF034

Suits Models: FA720X, HE513TF, C270, C420T, E240B 21908-G (E240BL D FP WW), E240B 21908-B (E240BL D FP WW), E240B 21907-F (E240BR D FP WW), E240B 21910-F (E240BL D FP SX), N245T, E240B 21910-B (E240BL D FP SX), C270R, E450R, C240B, E240B 21910-J (E240BL D FP SX), E240B 21907-H (E240BR D FP WW), P120R 12019-C (P120R D FP WW), E240B 21909-D (E240BR D FP SX), RF120R 21297-A (RF120RCRW 1 EL A, E240B 21907-C (E240BR D FP WW), E240B 21907-B (E240BR D FP WW), C373, E240B 21908-F (E240BL D FP WW), E240B 21910-D (E240BL D FP SX), N395B, C370, E240B 21908-H (E240BL D FP WW), N510T, E240B 21910-C (E240BL D FP SX), E249T (21917-E E249TR D WW), P120L 20198-C (P120L D FP WW), P120L 21323-A (P120L D FP SX), E249T 21919-D, P120L 20198-B (P120L D FP WW), N375T, P120R 12019-B (P120R D FP WW), P120R 20683-B (P120R D FP SX), P120R 20683-C (P120R D FP SX), E240B 21909-H (E240BR D FP SX), RF120R 21298-A (RF120RCLW 1 EL A, RF190R 21289-A (RF190RCRW 1 EL A, E240B 21907-E (E240BR D FP WW), H701XR, E240B 21909-F (E240BR D FP SX), E240B 21909-C (E240BR D FP SX), E240B 21908-I (E240BL D FP WW), E240B 21910-H (E240BL D FP SX), E240B 21910-G (E240BL D FP SX), E240B 21907-I (E240BR D FP WW), E240B 21907-G (E240BR D FP WW), E240B 21907-D (E240BR D FP WW), E240B 21909-J (E240BR D FP SX), E240B 21909-E (E240BR D FP SX), E240B 21909-B (E240BR D FP SX), E240B 21908-E (E240BL D FP WW), HR6AF243, WRM2400WD, WTM1800WCRH, HR6AF239

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