OFM-01 Oven Universal Fan Motor Electrolux GENUINE Part

OFM-01 Universal Oven Fan Motor - Series-3-Wilson Elements                   

This universal oven motor kit suits a massive variety of ovens. Kit includes motor, fan blade and nut as well as mounting screws.

Direct replacement for Chef part No. 56158. Suitable for most older model Chef cookers

Also similar to Westinghouse part number 0214777077.

240VAC, 3 X 6.4mm spade terminals for connection + earthing.
Chef fan forced oven fan motor suits many popular brands.

Wilson Elements is an Australian owned company that strives for quality at an affordable price. Some cheaper Chinese elements do not go through stringent quality controls, Wilson Elements come with a 12 month warranty and are recommended by Electrolux.

This universal oven motor kit suits a massive variety of ovens.

May be known by other part numbers including: 0040900034, 03010535, 040799009906R, 040799009927R, 079008001F, 1170000032, 1170000863, 3040403, 3040406, 512012800, 573571P, 60190100, 699250029, 699250071, ET481727, G/406/08, PA210009009, R2300003, ST481727, 0214777077, 9683, EFC200158, EFC200157, EFC200153, EFC200166, 537300P, M1375124, 1655753, 1788304, 1772797, 1673751, 1706547, 1747885, 1673042, 1778827, 1874574, 1757597, 1801212, 1776092, 1773774, 1894917, 1548852, 1678507, 1562838, 1562437, 1562614, 1775518, 1742328, 1712260, 1739865, 1556491, 1547973, 1562283

Suits Models: TO21, 127G, RET90SS, TO2, TUEF54, KCM544M2-B1, CUF54, UEF54, VEF9002, LPF9EG, BAF9006.2, LEF8EGSS, LCF9EG, BAF9008, WKE800, WKE900, PA0590051, LPF9EG2SS, LPF9EGC, WKE900SS, E9GGFLSS, E9GGFLSS-2, P9EGCSS, E8GGFLSS, E8GGFLSS-2, C9EGSS, BAF9003, E8EGFLSS, LEF9EGSS, P9CERSS, D9EGSSE, LIF9002, LEF8GGF3, D9EGSS, LEF9EG3SS, P9EGSS, P9EGFSS, BAF9006, DGEUCCT900SS, DE906GWF (C9S0DA006X), BMS755X, BMS755, BSO635, BOSE960, BSO635X, BSO600, BSO600X, BSO6330X, BSO6000X, BSO6000, BSO602X, Dmfpsii, Cmfs, DE926GWF, DE605MS, FEG900X, DE91MPS, DMFPS60 (F6E0DA012X), DMFPS62B, D926GWF, DEF605E, Domfpsi, LMFS60 F6E0DA011X, Lmfsii, DEF905GW (C9S0DA014X), LMFW60 F6E0DA013X, DEF909GW, DS61GW, DMFPS60BF, Dmfpw, DE60MS, LMFS60F, D906GII, DE60PSC, A106G, Dmfps, LMFWII F6E0DA004W, DE60MPS (F6ET), DE62MPS, D61GII, D61GW, DMFPS60B, D90G, DE906GWF (C9S0DA009X), DMFPS62, D61E, D906GWF, VEO9002, VEO7001, IOM9SE1, B59MTI, BA550, T888, T948-1S-S, BAO9010, BA904SS, BA495SS, L196SS, BAO7006-P, BAO759-P, L156SS, BAO9038-P, BA187SS, T948SS, TB70FSS, B70MTDISS, B70MTISS, L007001, L186W, LAS3SS, L176.2SS, L156W, IOD6SE1, IOD6WE1, BO759MS, B90MTDISS, L176SS, L186SS, L196.2SS, BO99MS, T888MGXSS, T888VGXSS, BA187.2SS, BA180SS, BO79MS, BA700SS, DO97MS, BAO7006, DOMFP7, BA896SS, L106001, VO67S, LOO6008, VOD69S, V60FSS-2, BA160SS, L156.3W, DDO64FS, PA0160031, B153SS, BO660SS, BO650SS, BO665SS, BAO4636, B59PTIP, DOFF62SS, BA06003, T888MTKISS, VO64S, LOO6001, BAO6005-P, B60MTKISS, L156.2CSS, L186.2SS, VFFO6SS, L156.2SS, L186.2W, LOO6009, BO670SS, EF6FI, BAO6003-P, BD069MS, BAO6007, PAO6001, DAO6005, BAO6009-P, DDO67MS, BAO6001-P, L156.2W, BAO6008-P, BAO6001, BO910SS, VEO6001, B60MTDISS, PA0160021, BO69PMS, BAO4636-P, BAO6005, BAO6004W, AS23SS-A, L156CSS, GHE09P, BAU91EG, B6GEFTSS, GHE09TD, TEG85U, IOH6SE1, IOM6SE2, IOF6WE1, IUG6SE1, IOM6SE1, EG900GDCRM, EPT600S8X, IOF6SE1, BAU91EE, 755T, OR120DDWGFX1 80556-A 80556-B, OA60X, OA25-X, OA202X, OA202W, OA20-1, SA370EB/1, SA710X-5, SA380X2, SA208X, SA410X, SA360X/1, S16AMFE, SA9065, SA398X, S20XMFR, FS64MFX, SA420X, SA398X/1, SA395X, SA392EB, FS61XNG, SA360X-1, SA706X, SA708X, SA440X, SA210X/1, SA708, SA702X-5, EOB9730X, EOQ995X*01, DSK963SNG, EOQ995X, EOQ995U, POH967S*01, POH967S, PDF90FMP, PDW90FMP, PN90FMP, PF90FMP, PW90FMP, PL90FMP, PDL90FMP, PDN90FMP, CERHE09PSS-2, FC9PS, GE9SS, TU950TLE8, BG8MESS, GHE09TP, GHE09TDSS-4, T640TE8, B9GEFTCSS-3, TU950TLE8G, TEG95UA, RVU90FWSS, TU950TME8, BSO632, BMS751, BSO629, BMS604, BMS604W, BSO610, BMS604X, BS0612, BSO629X, BSO631, BSO632X, S9F6, EDC691S*03, EDC691S, EOC633W, EDC691W, EDC691W*03, EUC5390W*05, PPL775W, PPL778S, 63G911W, EOC643SCC, EDCD691S, 63G906W, POL667W, POHL668SCC, 66E204W, PSJ633S*13, PGL657S, DSJ638SNG, 83E712S*02, POL662S, 83E711W, 63G911S, 83E706W, EOE643S, POL668S, EOC643S, POL668WCY, POL662WCY, EOC643W, POHL668WCC, EOC643WCC, POL662KCY, EOCL633S, PGL657W, 83E711S, 83E711W*02, 67G616S, POHL662SCC, DSJ638SLP, 87E716W*02, EUC5370W*04, 83E712S, EDCD691S*03, EOS671S, EDCD691W*03, EUC5350W*20, EOC691W*03, POL668W, 63G912W, EPCC681S*03, EPCC681W*03, DSL635W, 83E712W, 86E217SLP, POL662W, 85E726W*01, EPCC681S, EDCD691W, EUC5350W*06, EUC5350W*07, EOCR633S, EOSR631W, EOC673W, EOCR633W, 85E726S*01, EUC5330W*04, 87E716W, PPL775S, EUC5370W*19, EUC5330W*18, POL662SCY, EXC691W*03, 85E726S*02, 86E217WNG, 63G912S, 63G906S, 83E706S, 67G616W, PPL778W, POHL662WCC, EUC5370W*20, EUC5390W*04, 85E726W*02, POL667KCY, 87E716S*02, 86E217SNG, POL668SCY, POL662K, EUC5390W*20, EUC5330W*19, PPL776W, EUC5390W*19, 88E738S, EUC5390W*06, EOC633S, 85E726S, PPL776S, 85E726W, EUC5390W*07, 83E712W*02, EOC673S, 66E202W, EUC5390W*03, 83E711S*02, PSJ633S, PSL632W, EUC5340W*04, EPCC681W, EOC691K*03, EOCL633W, 86E217WLP, 66E207S, PSL632S, EUC5350W*19, POL667S, DSL635S, 88E738W, POJ787A, EUC5340W*19, 66E207W, POJ767A, EUC5340W*20, POD646TFB20, EUC5350W*04, POL667WCY, EOSL631W, EUC5330W*20, EUC5350W*05, EOC691S*03, 87E716S, EXC691S*03, EOS671W, 65647300, Eubamfw, GXC643SLP, GXL650SLP, GXC651WNG*03, GXC651WNG, GXC651SNG, GXC651KNG*03, GXC651KNG, GXC641WLP, GXC641SLP, GXC641SNG, GXC643WNG, PXL688W, GXC643WLP, 63G808W, 63G808S, 88E736W*02, 88E736S*02, GXC651KLP*03, EXC643S, PXL688S, GXC641WNG, GXL650KNG, EXC643W, 88E736W, 88E736S, GXL650WNG, GXC651WLP, GXC651SNG*03, GXC651SLP, GXL650SNG, GXL650KLP, PXL688K, GXC651WLP*03, GXC643SNG, GXC641KNG, GXC641KLP, GXC651SLP*03, GXL650WLP, GXC651KLP, GWH745S*02, GWH745K*02, POH662S*07, EXC640S, NOVA6353B, DSK965SNG, POH662W*11, 6885203, 63-528, EWOH5LFCW, E0S630K, 68-632, POD638*20, RET7AFCW, POD646SQFWO*20, 63-819, GXC640SN, POD646QFB10, EVOLUTION807, Ewocefmss, Ewoslfmw, Baroness, 68A840TW*04, POD712MB, GWB550FW

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