CRC-3352 Genuine CRC Peel Off Label Remover 1X400ML

CRC-3352 Genuine CRC Peel Off Label Remover 1X400ML

CRC Peel Off uses the natural power of d-Limonene to soak through paper labels and release adhesive backings. Once released, the label can be easily removed from most containers and surfaces, any residue can be easily removed with a wet cloth. CRC Peel Off can also be used to clean off cured adhesive and to remove industrial ink from machinery. CRC Peel Off has many uses in factories, processing plants, supermarkets, printing plants and industrial applications.


1. Shake can well. 2. From 15-20cm spray the label or surface liberally with CRC Peel Off Label Remover. 3. Allow 5 minutes for the product to soak through the label and release the label. 4. Peel off label by hand or with flat scraper. 5. Remove softened adhesive with soft cloth. 6. For ink removal, spray liberally and wash/wipe down with water. Note: CRC Peel Off Label Remover can damage some delicate surfaces, always test a small area first.


Clean and easy removal of labels and adhesives, Citrus based with natural d-Limonene active ingredient, Cleans off cured adhesives, Cleans industrial inks and dye stains off machinery, Safe on most surfaces.

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